Tanya In Simple English Chapter 3 – Shaar Hayichud Ve-haemuna

After the previous chapter’s truthful words how all of reality is constantly being recreated from the original Ten Sayings of God, therefore anybody who thinks deeply into this will understand, that every single creation in actual fact relative to the force that creates it and brings it out of non-existence into existence (“the breath of God’s mouth which creates it”) is absolutely non-existent.

The reason every created being appears to us as a physical entity, is only because we do not understand and see with our eyes the energy and the word of God that is within this created being.

However if the eye were permitted to see and understand the energy and spirituality of every creative entity, which continuously flows into it from the word of God, and the breath of his mouth, then we would not see a physical being at all!

For relative to it’s Divine Life Force, it simply is not existent – as without the spiritual energy that creates it from nothingness, it really is nothing, just as it was before it was created.

Now this spirituality which flows into it from the word of God, “the breath of His mouth,” is the only reason it is continuously coming out of a non-existent state into a created and existent state.

This being the case, it actually, without its creative Divine spiritual life force is absolute non-existence.

Now an example for this is sun rays that shine onto the Earth and offer light to all those living on it – now obviously if this Sunlight can travel 98 million miles and be so bright – it certainly can shine within the sun itself, however there this ray of light is considered not to exist – because relative to the sun itself which is the source of the light, it is absolute nothingness (like a candle doesn’t shine her light during daylight.)

It is only down here on Earth, as we are not within the Sun – the sun’s rays can be seen as having an independent and valuable existence.

Of-course as mentioned, when the Sun’s Ray is within the sun itself, it does not get the title and independent existence – for there only the sun itself is what shines and exists, and there’s nothing besides it.

Now exactly this concept is the existence of all creations relative to the Divine energy, and word of God that creates them.

Every creation is only like a ray of light coming from the source which is “The word of God, and the breath of His mouth” and which causes it to go from non existence into existence.

As such in truth, relative to their source that causes them to exist, they are just as non-existent, as the light of the Sun which ceases to have any independent existence, when it is within the Sun itself.

It is only outside of the Sun that a sunray has an independent existence – similarly every creation only appears to be an independent existence to the human eye – for it does not see and understand the source which is the spirit of God that brings it into existence all the time.

As such to our eyes the physicality of creations and their form appears to be a complete existence, just like the light of the Sun appears to be a complete existence when it is outside of its source.

The only difference between the example / sunlight, to the analogue / created beings, is that although the sunlight truly leaves its source – every single created being is truly within its source – it is just that the source is not seen.

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