There are only 10 – only 10 factors which are – number one: are you physically… which doesn’t only mean at this moment, but safety from Fear…. which includes freedom from worry about your ability to a. be protected from the elements b. be protected from vicious people c. it also means emotionally be protected from verbal abuse – for any time we are worried, our brain goes into survival mode – and we cannot think rationally, this is also why we need governments, because without governments to protect us from cruel people, we will live in fear, and to protect ourselves we may need to do to them what they do to us☹️ which is what game theory calls a zero-sum game 🔫- basically everybody hates everybody… the next level after there is physical and emotional safety, is we need to have dignity! we need to have been made to feel that We Matter! and this of course mainly happens in childhood, and sometimes people are jealous of this dignity and they do everything.. such as Obama or other narcissistic demean’ers to shame societies / groups – certainly the Jews have been at the brunt of this negative desire, which is behind all of anti-Semitic thought and behavior for thousands of years – so ironically losing dignity can be also a good thing – if a person then creates the perception of reality, which should be, that life is not black and white, it is rather a Continuous Challenge to increase the force of Goodness, Love, Kindness as well as Humility, To Obeying The Word of God

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