Tanya In Simple English Chapter 53

Now when the first Beis Hamikdosh was, and the Luchois (original 10 Commandments were housed in in the Kodesh Hakodoshim) the Shechina – Malchus of Atzilus -which is the level of the Revelation of the Infinite Light of God was then within the 10 Commandments, even more than it was revealed in the higher realms.

The reason this was so, was because the Ten Commandments is the generality of Torah which comes from the Divine wisdom, which is much greater than the Shechina / “revealed world.”

Now in order for these letters to be engraved it did not descend as the normal descent of the worlds, to this physical world which operates through physical laws of nature, rather the Luchois / 10 Commandments was the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, which transcended the natural nature of this world, (which comes from Shechina in the Kodesh Hakodoshim of the spiritual world of Asiyah, where the life force and energy for this world comes from.)

However the level of Chochmah of Atzilus, the Divine wisdom which is the generality of the entire Torah, which is included in the Ten Commandments, went into Malchus of Atzilus and Beriah alone.

They alone are intimately connected with the infinite light which is within them.

They are what is called Shechina, the source of the Holy of Holies in the first Beis Hamikdosh, through descending into the Ten Commandments which were engraved on the stone tablets, which were in the Holy Ark.

This engraving was miraculous as our Sages say, that the letters Men and Sameach stood miraculously in their place, even though they were circular letters.

And the actual engraving was done by God Himself.

Now in the second Holy Temple where there wasn’t the Aron and the Luchois – our Sages say that the Shechina did not dwell in it – in other words, the level of the Shechina which was in the first Beis-Hamikdosh was not in the second.

In the second Beis-Hamikdosh the Shechina came through the worlds – in other words, Malchus of Atzilus in Malchus of Beriah, and Malchus of Beriah in Yetzirah, and Malchus of Yetzirah in the Holy Of Holies in ASIYAH.

And the Holy of Holies in Asiya went into the Holy of Holies in the Holy Temple below, and there the Shechina dwelled, Malchus of Yetzirah which was within the Holy of Holies of Yetzirah.

And this is the reason no person was allowed to go into the Holy of Holies besides the Cohen Gadol on Yom Kippur as the Shechina was there.

Once the Beis Hamikdosh was destroyed, then the only location that God dwells in this world is the space of Jewish law / Torah.

And as our sages teach, even a single person who sits and studies Torah the Shechina is with Him, as it’s taught in Brochois, the first chapter.

Now the level of the Shechina that is with him, is as it descends through Malchus of Atzilus to Malchus of Beriah to Malchus of Yetzirah to Malchus of Asiyah.

For the 613 Mitzvahs, most of them are action-based Mitzvahs, and even those that depend on speech and thought – such as the study of Torah, and saying Grace after meals, and Reading the Shema and prayers – we know that the thinking alone does not match speaking and a person only fulfills the Mitzvah through saying the words – and when we speak this too is considered an action.

Now the 613 Mitzvahs, together with the seven Rabbinical, all add up to 620, which is the level of Kesser – which is the Divine will, which comes into His wisdom, which is United in the infinite light of God in a complete Unity.

Now God established the Earth through wisdom, which is the Oral Torah, which comes from the Divine wisdom.

This now is what the prophetic child said that the Supernal light that is burning over the Jew’s head, which is the Shechina, needs oil.

In other words, it needs that the person should study Torah which is called “Holy anointing oil” as stated in the Zohar.

These refer to the Good deeds namely the 613 Mitzvahs, which come from the wisdom of God.

And this is necessary in order that the light of the Shechina, like the flame of the fire, should connect to the wick.

This is the animal life soul in the body which is termed wick – for just like a physical candle, the light shines through the consumption and the burning of the wick which transforms into fire – so too the light of the Shechina dwells on The Godly Soul, through the burning and expiration of the animal soul and it’s transformation from Darkness to light, and bitterness to sweetness, in Tzaddikim.

Or at least through the consumption of her garments which are the thoughts, speech and actions in man and their transformation from the darkness of Kelipah, to the light of the infinite God, which is united in a thought, speech and actions of the 613 Mitzvos of the Torah.

The transformation of the animal Soul which comes from Kelipas Nogah, from Darkness to light etc. this causes an arousing from below, which draws down the light of the Shechina, the revelation of the infinite Divine light on the Godly soul which is in the brain in the head.

Now we can fully understand what it means that “God Your Lord is a consuming fire” as written about elsewhere – that only when a Jew succeeds in nullifying Himself to God to the extent that he ceases to exist as an independent entity, and is consumed in the flames of Godliness, only then will He draw down upon himself the light of the Shechina.

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