Tanya chapter 51

Now to understand in greater depth what the prophetic child said in the Zohar that one needs to add good deeds for the light of the Shechina to dwell on them.

We need to begin by explaining the concept of how the Shechina dwelled in the Beis Hamikdosh.

In general, what does it mean that the Shechina dwells anywhere – because we know that God is everywhere?!?

However it is known that an example of Godliness is our own body – and even though the soul is in all parts of our body, for all parts are alive, it is primarily in the head.

From the head it spreads to the entire body, and each organ receives the specified part of the Soul which corresponds to that organ.

The eye for sight, the ear for hearing, the mouth for speaking, and the feet for walking.

This is also empirically evident as the mind is the part that feels all the parts of the body.

Now it is not that the soul itself has 613 parts, for the soul is actually a simple entity – it is only that it has in potential the 613 parts that then energize the specific vessel/organs that are made for this Soul ability.

The main revelation of these 613 parts is actually in the brain in the head.

Therefore it is first the brain that receives the soul mechanism of these 613 qualities.

The brain is the first entity to receive the revelation of the Soul, therefore the first revelation itself is the three parts of the brain, namely Chochmah / innovation, Binah / understanding, and Daas / integration, as well as the power of thinking.

In addition, all the soul powers, say walking and using one’s hands exist in the brain, and from there they extend into the feet and hands to actually function.

So first the soul life-force comes into the brain, together with the 613 abilities which then spreads only a small amount to the whole body, and each organ for the specific functionality that it has.

An example of this is sunlight that say first comes into the foyer, and then its radiance will go into an inner room that has a window or a doorway leading off the foyer.

Even the heart receives its life force from the brain which is why by nature the brain can regulate, control, inspire the heart’s emotions and feelings.

Exactly in a similar way does the infinite light fill all worlds to give them life-force.

In Each World there are infinite amounts of creations, Angels, souls etc.

There are also an infinite amounts of different degrees of spirituality of these entities within each world, and an infinite amount of worlds.

Now the essence of God remains the same and unchanged no matter what world it is in – similar to the essence of the life force, gives life to all parts of the body – in a similar sense, they are all alive.

This is what is written in the Tikkunim that “God is the secret of all secrets” – in other words, even in the highest realm, He is equally hidden, for no thought can begin to understand Him, in any way, shape or form.

In other words, exactly as God exists in the highest heaven, He exists on the lowest dimension our Earth.

The only difference being, the amount of revelation of Divinity to the creations within.

This in fact is one of the reasons why the Divinity / energy of God, is called light.

For the higher Worlds receive a slightly increased amount of light and each Creation within those worlds receives according to its individualized capacity.

The difference to the lower World, our world, is that the light comes down and is concealed in many many garments / concealments, to the extent that the appearance of a completely physical non-living Rock emerges.

And though this is the case – of-course the infinite Divine energy / light is within each and every Rock etc. bringing them into existence every moment – this energy begins from Malchus of Malchus of Asiyah, but within it is the Malchus of each higher realm, until the Malchus of Asiyah, which is united in God Himself.

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