Tanya in simple English chapter 52

Just as in the soul of man, the main revelation of it comes into the brain and all the organs receive their individualized light and potential from the brain…

Similarly, the main revelation of the life force and energy that gives life to all the creations and all the universes, first comes into the desire and wisdom and understanding and integration / Daas of God, which is called “intelligence.”

Now this intelligence first and foremost goes into Torah and Mitzvos.

And the revelation of this energy is the source of all the universes, and all of them receive an individualized Ray which comes from this general source (similar to the brain which gives to the particular organs.)

This is also like the example of sunlight, which first may come into the main room and from there give a light into the inner Chambers.

This source from the generalized source, which begins to siphon off, specified life force and energy for the specific creations of each universe, is called “the revealed universe” (as it gives in a revealed way.)

It is also called the “Queen” (as the queen receives from the King, and then channels this energy forward.)

It is also called the “lower mother” (referring to Malchus of Atzilus.)

It is also called the Shechina from the verse “And I will dwell within them.”

It is the foundation and source of the revelation of The Infinite Light of God.

From this source each individual within their Universe, receives the specified Revelations of Divinity.

The infinite radiance of God in a very contracted / diminished way goes into each creation, to give it life, sustain it, and continuously create it.

This is why it is called the “Mother of the sons” – by way of example, and it is also called “The community of Israel” Knesses Yisroel, for it is the source that creates The souls of Atzilus, and then the souls of Beriah, and the lower worlds as well.

All the universes and the souls and the angels within them are all only offshoots, derivatives, and creations of this light source.

It is like sunlight, which is a ray from the Sun.

However the Shechina itself which is the beginning of the revelation of the infinite light of God and its source – in other words the structure that God shines and gives life to all the world in a revealed way – it’s the source of all these individual rays in every universe.

(In every universe, the energy of every creation is but a ray of Shechina, like a ray of light that comes from the sun.)

Now just like it would be impossible for any created being to receive the entire sun and remain in existence – a person and a universe cannot receive the light of the Shechina itself, without some type of concealing garment that conceals the intensity of her light from them.

If it would receive the light in its full blown energy – the individual would cease to exist, like the sun rays, as they are within the sun itself – for there the ray doesn’t shine, just the essential Sun.

Now what is the protective garment that can conceal this light, that the individual can receive it but yet not to be consumed by it? This is the will of God and His wisdom etc. which are found within Torah and Mitzvahs, that have been revealed to us and our children.

For the Torah comes from the wisdom of God, the supernal wisdom which is infinitely beyond the revealed world, the Shechina.

For God’s wisdom is infinitely beyond human or even any comprehension.

As we explained earlier, that the infinite light of God is unified with the supernal wisdom, and God and His wisdom are one.

However this infinite level went down in a concealed way throughout the universes, until it went into physical matters which are the 613 Mitzvahs of the Torah.

And as it descends from Universe to universe, the Shechina descends with it.

And this is the chamber of the Kodesh Hakodoshim, the Holy of Holies, in every universe.

This is what was written in the Zohar and in Eitz-Chayim that the Shechina which is the Malchus of Atzilus goes into the chamber of the Holy of Holies in the universe of Beriah, which is the Chabad of Beriah, and then after it goes into Malchus of Beriah, it creates the souls and the angels in that universe.

In addition, from the world of Beriah, the Talmud comes.

As we stated previously in the name of the Tikkunim, that in the world of Beriah, the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of the infinite God is greatly concealed – in order that the souls and the angels which are in that world and have limited intelligence can receive influence from the Chabad ( wisdom, understanding and knowledge.) (Although of course, it is much greater than lower souls and angels)

(As the Shechina is the beginning of the revelation of the infinite light, therefore it is also called “Speech,” “The Word of God” and the “Breath of His Mouth,” as the example of a person who speaks – He reveals what was hidden in his mind and heart to the listeners.)

As mentioned earlier, in the world of Beriah, in a very minute manner, the wisdom of God pulsates – and that’s why the Talmud comes from the world of Beriah, for it contains the reasons behind the Mitzvos, and the reasons are the level of Chabad / wisdom.

Now the Mishna which is the laws themselves, this comes from the emotive attributes of God – which is the three pillars of Chessed / kindness, Din / strictness and Compassion, which evolve into what is permissible or forbidden, what is kosher what is unkosher, what is liable and what is not – for the concept of kosher for example, is allowing something to enter into the realm of holiness.

After Malchus of Atzilus goes into Malchus of Beriah, then it goes into the Kodesh Hakodoshim, the Holy of Holies which is the Chaba”d of Yetzirah.

And when it goes into Malchus of Yetzirah the “Ruchois” – soul levels of Yetzirah are created.

It also creates the angels in the world of Yetzirah.

And also from there the Mishna which we have comes, which are the clear cut laws, which also come from the Chabad of God.

The only difference being, is that the understanding of these laws are hidden within the laws, and not revealed in the world of Yetzirah / Mishnah.

Now the actual laws which are revealed, are the radiation / revelation of the emotions of God in revealed way.

This is what was stated earlier in the name of the Tikkunim that the Six Sefiros / emotions pulsate within the world of Yetzirah.

Generally these six emotions divide into the two sides of right and left.

The right side is more lenient – in other words, it allows objects or individuals to elevate to God.

And the left side is more strict declaring an object forbidden to use and thereby precluding its elevation to holiness.

All this stems initially from the higher wisdom of Atzilus.

And these laws are thereby one with God, for God and His wisdom are one.

In a similar way, the Shechina descended and went into the realm of the Holy of Holies of Asiyah.

Now each one of these three worlds Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiya, subdivide into tens of thousands of levels, which are also called individual worlds.

Now Malchus of Atzilus which is the level of the Shechina it goes into the Malchus of the world below it which then goes down through that Malchus into the Holy of Holies in the world below it.

Now from the level of Shechina, that comes into the Kodesh Hakodoshim of every world, the energy to form the universe, and all it’s creations, souls, Angels etc. within that world, comes.

All this comes about from the first and foundational saying of God which before that was nothing: “In the beginning, God made Heaven and Earth.” which as our sages say, it includes everything that was created within them.

A Summary

Just as the soul is a simple Force which comes into the mind, and then from the mind all the individual parts of the body receive their life-force – in a similar sense, the beginning of the revelation of the God’s presence comes into the Chaba”d / intelligence of the world of Atzilus, which is also referred to as the Holy of Holies – it then descends into the level of Malchus of Atzilus – then Malchus of Atzilus, drawing its energy from the Divine intelligence which is also the level of the Torah and Mitzvos, for it is His will and wisdom – this then creates the beings within that Universe, namely the structure of the universe, as well as the souls and Angels within her – then Malchus of Atzilus descends into forming the Chaba”d and the Holy of Holies in the world of Beriah, which then descends into Malchus of Beriah, to likewise create the world of Beriah, and the angels and souls within her – this process continues to the next World of Yetzirah, and of course the next World of Asiyah.