The 10 Most Earth Shattering ideas of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – the greatest mind and master

1 The ultimate intention of the Infinite Creator was to create independent beings, whom after seeking for truth – a portal to the infinite Revelation – the the ability of the infinite God who being unlimited has no limits to His ability, will continuously merge with them and cause that the inspirational messages should continuously transform and upgrade them and their world.

2 Even though it was not the Rebbe’s idea, but certainly He emphasized it, that we are about to enter into the Messianic Revelation and in fact, to some extent this era has been begun.

3. Everyone has a unique part which they… particularly if they are willing to share… are bestowing something special… that no one else can.

4. Though again this was not the Rebbe’s innovation, however He emphasized very much, the fundamental, monumental, and instrumental role that women have and it is important to note that the Rebbe did not see this as militant feminism in a negative light, but rather as a complementary…

5. The Rebbe believes that we must teach about the healthy respectful dignified and unifying love/sexuality, as Judaism and Jewish mysticism advocate – of-course within the context of marriage, and for more on this one can see my booklet Kabbalah On Marital Intimacy.

6. The Rebbe advocated, again not the first, but perhaps the strongest !! that Jews should be teaching Gentiles the seven noahide laws, as well as Jewish mysticism – because that is part of their mission in life, and knowledge of the Creator which they need as well.

7. Perhaps no idea can more sum up the Rebbe, than the idea that we are Infinite – there is no limit to the amount of Divine inspiration and wisdom that you can learn – there is no limit to how much charity you can give – to how kind you can be – in fact even to how much you can study… for even if qualitatively you may have some limitations in time, qualitatively there are zero limitations – for the nature of an infinite God, who connects to, even though a finite time-bound person, is that every moment in time, can cause an infinite progression.

8. Of course it goes without saying that the Rebbe embraced the totality of Judaism and perhaps precisely because of His awareness of the Infinity of God, therefore we understand how little we understand of God, which makes everything that He has instructed us to do, both infinitely relevant… and when you think about the meaning… certainly inspirational as well.

Last but not least, it speaks about, or at least based on one interpretation – the quality of Moshiach, that He can invoke the meaning and the purpose behind everyone and everything, for Redemption is not a different world, rather it is the same world in which the meaning and purpose of everyone and everything is REVEALED – and in a certain sense the Rebbe though again he was not the first to say it, but clearly was very into it the idea, That Each One Of Us, Our Task In Life Is Both To Hasten The Coming Of The Messiah Through Adding Extra Goodness And Kindness Torah And Mitzvos!

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