Tanya In Simple English Chapter 48

Now when a person will think about the greatness of God, for He is as His name, literally infinite! without any limitation whatsoever to His light and His energy that comes forth from Him – from His pure Simple Will, which is connected to His Essence with an Infinite Unity and Connection – furthermore it can expand infinitely, and if it were not limited / Tzimtzum, then this world would never exist, for in order for it to exist – millions and billions and trillions and infinite limitations (diminutions of the light/energy) must take place, in order for a finite world to come from His infinite energy!

As it states, the distance from Earth to the sky is a distance of 500 years…, and between each of the skies another 500 years – and similarly the width of each sky itself is 500 years – and Even Heaven and the higher Heaven, the location of the souls – the great Tzaddikim and the Neshomas / the souls themselves – how much more so the angels… All of it… even though it is infinitely greater (than the physical universe…) it is still limited for they are limited by the comprehension of their mind.

As such, they have a limit to their pleasure from the ray of the Shechina, for it is impossible for them to receive an infinite pleasure without completely losing their identity and returning to their source, God.

Now the many different types of diminutions of the light / Tzimtzumim, how they occur, this is not the place to speak about it…

We’re generally speaking of the concealment of the light and energy in order that it should not shine and come to the lower Beings in a revealed way, in order to create them, something out of nothing.

Rather only a tiny bit of light and energy comes forth in order that the creation should be limited – this is an exceptionally small amount of light, and is literally as if it is nothing relative to the infinite source.

There is no comparison between them whatsoever – as is known, that the number one has some kind of comparison to the number a million – for it is one of a million – but relative to something which is infinite, and can never be counted… there is no connection numberwise – for even 10 billion or 10 trillion is nothing compared to infinite numbers! it does not even have the comparison of one to a million, and it is as if it doesn’t exist.

This is literally what this tiny ray of light, which comes into all the universes, above and below to give them life-force is – relative to the Hidden Light which is the level of the Infinity of God, that does not come down and give life force into the world – and it is beyond them and encompasses them and it’s called “Encompassing all worlds.”

Now it doesn’t mean that God encompasses the worlds beyond them – in other words physically being higher… God-forbid; because you cannot speak about physical space in spiritual dimensions.

Rather what it means, is that this light does not get revealed.

For light that gets revealed is called internalized, that it gets internalized within the worlds… – in other words, that the Beings of the world perceive the light Force that they are receiving.

However light which is not revealed, but is concealed from the Beings of the worlds, is not called internalized, rather “encompassing and surrounding.”

Therefore as the universes are limited – it means that the Infinity of God does not get internalized and revealed in them, rather only a minute quantity of light in a very very limited amount – just enough to give them life force that they should exist, in a limited fashion comes to them.

However the main light that exists without such a concealment is called “encompassing” and “surrounding” – because it’s Revelation is not revealed in the Created Beings – as they are limited, hence they could never handle such a revelation.

An example for this:- this world, though it is filled with God’s Glory, which is the infinite light, as it says “Heaven and earth I fill, I swear, says God.” – Nevertheless it does not reveal itself within the creative beings, only a tiny fraction of energy which is on the level of mute / mineral, and vegetation comes. And the the Infinite Light of God is referred to as “surrounding it,” though it is actually within it as well.

For it’s light is not revealed in it, it only affects it in a concealed way, and every concealed effect is called “surrounding from above.”

Now the hidden-world – the surrounding world, is much higher than the revealed world, the light which descends to actually create the object.

Let us understand it better through an example… imagine a person who imagines an object (say a chair ) that he saw / or he sees.. even though that chair 🪑 with all its parameters, its height, width with all its details is completely clear in his mind… because he saw in its entirety or is seeing it now – so at that moment his mind is encompassing the object – that object is encompassed in his mind – only that is not encompassing it in actuality, but in his imagination and thought process and understanding – but by God where it says that, “My thoughts are not your thoughts,” so His actual thoughts and knowledge, His knowledge of all created beings, encompasses every creative being, from its head to its toe, top to bottom and within it, within every single fiber of its being – everything is seen and thought and known by God.

For example, the orb of our Earth – it is God’s knowledge that encompasses the entire width of our 🌎world🌍 and everything within it and the details and sub details, until it’s very very inner core – everything in actuality, is known by God, for it is this knowledge itself which is the energy and the life of the physical world, and what causes it to come into existence, out of nothingness all the time!! Its only that because there are so many limitations and diminutions of the great light – that God diminished His great light and energy which is found within the sphere of the globe to give it life and to keep it going.

Now as God and His knowledge are one – and it is His knowledge that creates everything, and His knowledge is not outside of Him, hence it is through knowing Himself that He knows everything.

All existence only exists from the truth of His existence.

This is not something that a human being can properly understand.

This knowledge, as it is infinite, for God is infinite, does not integrate within the actual physical globe, which is limited, rather it encompasses it.

Even though this knowledge includes within it the entire sphere, down to every micro detail in actual fact, and creates through its knowledge it’s existence out of sheer nothingness…. as we described elsewhere.

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