Chapter 50 Tanya In Simple English

Now all the previously mentioned love mechanisms to love God, all fall in the category of Chessed / Cohen, a love based love.

However there is another form of love which is much greater, it is like the greatness of gold in its superiority over silver.

This is a fiery love.

It comes from the Heavenly Gevurah / strength, from the Heavenly Binah.

This comes from contemplating how everything relative to God is as if it is nothing and non-existent.

This causes a desire to see the splendor of God’s greatness.

Like a flaming fire that leaps heavenward desirous of transcending its bond to the physical candle.

This comes from an increase in the fire of the Divine soul.

This then causes a parched thirst for God.

And then it causes a soul-longing, like a person who is love-sick and can’t fulfill their heart, unless the object of the love is realized.

This then causes “Clois-Hanefesh” where the soul is ready to leave the confines of the body, just to unite with God.

This is the source of the Leviem (Levites) below.

(In the future when the world elevates, they will be the Cohanim.)

Their task in the Beis Hamikdosh was to raise their voice with melodius song to God.

In the level of Ratzu / yearning, and Shuv / returning.

This is the level of this great love, like the flame the burst forth from the crucible (like a lighting flash.)

Now this contemplation is not something one can properly describe in writing, each individual based on their capacity of intelligence and contemplative ability will be able to find connection to this yearning.

(In fact different minds / souls / hearts feel inspired from varied inspiration.)

The only prerequisite to this great contemplation / yearning, is one must be free from sin, as sins separate the heart from God.

Now the mechanism of serving God which comes from this contemplation evolves purely into returning to one’s purpose of life.

As it states in Sefer Yetzirah, “If your heart runs to God, return to your life’s purpose.”

The meaning of this is, if you create such a powerful love for God that your soul desires to cleave to Him, then you should recall that the soul’s purpose is to give life to your body, to unify God down here below through the power of Torah.

That this Unity with God should be revealed as the Zohar writes, “To be one with the One” – in other words that the concealed Union should be revealed.

And this is what we say, “Come my bride,” in other words, we’re drawing Godliness into this world.

This is also the concept that our sages say, “It is not with your will (or against your will) that you are living” referring to the desire to leave this body, to unite with God. “And against your will do you die;” in other words, that although a person must go against their desire to cleave to God and do His will on Earth – nonetheless after they have made this choice, they should once again energize their soul through desiring to cleave to God – so sort of like a person who does God’s work, but yet still remains passionate about their Divine.

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