Tanya In Simple English chapter 45

There is another great way to study Torah and do Mitzvahs Lishma / for the sake of God.

Through the characteristic of Jacob, which is the characteristic of compassion.

This occurs through feeling compassion, great compassion on the spark of God which gives life to your soul.

This spark left its source, the life of all lifes, the Infinite God Blessed Be He, Who fills all universes and encompasses all universes, and all universes to Him are nothing! and it came into a serpent’s skin, the body, ☹️ which is distant from the light of the King’s face, an infinite distance, for this world is filled with the most gross Kelipa etc.

Especially when a person recalls all the bad thoughts, speech and actions that they have done since birth, which were not good – and this caused that God, the spark of God, should be trapped in filth, as it states that “Jacob is a rope.”

This is like an example of a person who pulls a rope that when you pull from the bottom, the top comes down – this is the secret of the exile of the Shechina – that the spark of God is forced to participate in one’s debased thoughts, speech and actions, which is in very very torturous to it.

This is what the verse says, “And he will return to God and have compassion,” that we must have tremendous compassion on the name of God that dwells in us, like it states, that God dwells within us, in our impurity.

And this is what the verse says, “That Jacob kissed Rachel, and he lifted his voice and cried.”

For Rachel is the source of the Jewish souls.

And Jacob above, is the characteristic of compassion of Atzilus which has compassion on her.

And he lifts his voice above to the source of Divine compassion, who is called The Father of compassion and its source.

This cry is to arouse, to draw from there, great compassion on all the souls, and on the source of the Jewish souls, to elevate them out of exile and to unite them in a Divine Union with the light of God – with the level of kiss, which is the connection of spirit to Spirit, as it says, “I will kiss you with a kiss of lips” which means the connection of the speech of man with the speech of God which are the Jewish laws, and also the thought of man with the thought of God, the action of man with God’s action which is the action of the mitzvahs.

This especially refers to the action of charity and kindness.

For “kindness is God’s right hand” and it’s literally receiving a hug from God when one engages in it, as it says and “His right hand will hug me.”

And the study of Torah when it is verbalized and the contemplation of Torah in the mind is literally the level of a kiss.

Now through this a person can achieve the “great love” for God, to be revealed in his heart, like it says, “Jacob who redeemed Abraham” as we discussed elsewhere.

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