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Tanya In Simple English Chapter 44

Now each one of these levels of love or the two levels mentioned, “Great love” or “love from the world” is divided into many categories – in fact, infinite different levels.

Each person based on their understanding (has a unique insight/love.)

As the Zohar says based on the verse, “Her husband is known at the gates” – “this is God, who reveals Himself to each person based on their own understanding of God.”

This is why love and fear of God are called, “The secrets to God our Lord.”

Whearas Torah and Mitzvos are revealed.

For there is one Torah and one law for all of us – in terms of keeping the Torah and Mitzvos, when it comes to the actual performance.

However when it comes to the love and the fear of God which is based on one’s knowledge of God’s greatness… therefore it is individualized.

However there is a love which is comprised of all of the levels of “great love” and “Love from the world” which can be achieved by every single Jew, and it is an inheritance from our forefathers to us:

This is what was written in the Zohar based on the verse, “My soul longs for you at night” that one loves God with a soul love, just as he loves the life force in his body and this is what it says, “My soul longs for you!” “That because you are my soul and the source of my life, and the source of life itself – therefore I long for you, just like a person who is bedridden, sick and weak longs for their soul and vitality.”

Similarly when a person goes to sleep they desire that their soul should return to them when they wake up in the morning.

“I too desire the light of the Infinity of God, the source of all life, the source of my life, to come into me through the study of Torah… when I wake up at night… for Torah and God are one.”

As the Zohar says, that a person’s love for God should be such, that when they wake up at night they should study Torah till the morning.

And an even greater love than this which is also within the heart of every Jew as an inheritance from our forefathers, is what it says in Rayeh Mehemna, to love God like a son loves his parents, even more than himself!

This was a level of the love that Moses had, and though who can assume that they are as great, to achieve even a thousandth of the level of the love of Moses!!, nevertheless something of it, even a minute amount spreads to the Jews in every single generation.

As it says in the Tikkunim, that this love spreads in every generation to enlighten the Jews, it is only that it’s quantity is quite concealed within the souls of every Jew.

Now to bring this love from its concealed state to being revealed, to feel it in one’s heart and mind, is not beyond the person – in fact it is very easy, for if a person consistently arouses their intention and concentration on the source of all life, the Infinite God who is literally Our Father – and the source of Our lives….and one arouses a love to God, as a son has to a father…

Then when one does so consistently, this emotion becomes natural to them.

And even if a person thinks that maybe this is just a fleeting emotion; worry not, as it is truly felt, based on the innate, albeit, subconscious love that is this within the Jewish heart.

The benefit of fanning it into a full blown love, is in order to cause an action – which is the study of Torah and performance of Mitzvos done solely to create a pleasure to God, like a son who serves his father.

Now the pleasure one is causing God, is like the pleasure that a king would receive when his son is returned to him after being captured!! (which is the sparks of Godliness in this world which are elevated through Torah and Mitzvos.)

Alternatively one can contemplate the pleasure God is receiving from Dirah Bitachtoinim – being part of your life.

Now also this previous level of love which is the love of understanding that God is your soul life, can also be brought from subconscious to Revelation, through consistently thinking about it.

(It helps to actually say: “God is my father” – “God is my soul’s life!” to bring this love from the subconscious to actually being felt.)

If somebody finds they cannot cause this love to be manifest and to feel it within themselves, nevertheless they can study Torah and do Mitzvos for the sake of God, through just even imagining This Love in the mind… “And a good thought, God connects it to the action.”

Now these two levels of Love, even though they are an inheritance to us from our forefathers and like an instinct in our souls, and similarly fear is included within them, namely the fear not to be separated from God… from the source of our life and our true father God – nevertheless they are not called natural love and fear unless they are in the mind and the thoughts, and in the subconscious heart… then their place is in the 10 Sefiros of Yetzirah, and they elevate to there the Torah and Mitzvos which come due to the motivation of this love and fear.

However when they are revealed in one’s heart, they are called “the desire of the heart” in the Zohar.

Then their location is in the 10 Sefiros of Beriah and they also elevate to there, all the Torah and Mitzvos which come as their result.

For taking them out of the hidden part of the heart to be revealed comes through one’s contemplation and tremendous concentration, including consistently thinking about the Infinity of God, how He is our life and our true father.

Now it is well known what it is said in the Tikkunim that in the world of Beriah, Binah pulsates, which is the contemplation and Infinity of God, the source of all life, like Eliyahu said, “Binah is the heart and through it the heart understands.”

Furthermore these two levels of love Are comprised of, from the level of “Great love” and are greater than the love and fear that are intellectually generated, called “Love of this world.”

Nevertheless a person has to work very hard to achieve even the level of “Love of the world” which comes from understanding the greatness of God, to fan the love in his heart, to reach Heavenward, to the extent that no water can extinguish it, and no river can drown it.

For there is a benefit to the level of Love like fire, like a burning flame, which comes from understanding the greatness of God, over these two previously mentioned loves, if they are not at the level of a passionate fire… like the benefit of gold over silver, as we will write about later..- and also this is the entire purpose of man, to know the glory of God, and His wondrous acts… each person according to the capacity of his mind, as it states in Zohar Parshas Boi, that the purpose of this creation, is to recognize God, as is known.

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