Tanya 43 Tanya in simple English

This lower level of fear which is used to do the Mitzvahs our sages say, “if there is no fear, there is no wisdom.”

It has a level of small-mindedness and expansiveness.

This means, when this fear derives from contemplating the greatness of God – that he fills all universes with his energy and the distance from Earth to the sky is 500 years! and between each sky likewise, and the feet, meaning the lowest level of the Angels called Chayois, are in fact is large as them all!!

So too, the descent of all the spiritual Worlds from above to below – when we think about this and get a deep understanding of the Divine Life Force that provides life to all worlds and spiritual levels, we evoke a great awe of God.

Now this is still called the lower fear, and an outer fear, because it is based on the understanding of God – which we perceive from contemplating the world.

These are the clothing of the king God, which He hides himself in, to give life force and create them out of non-existence consistently.

This is the gateway to keeping Torah and Mitzvahs.

However there is a higher level of fear, called a shame before God.

And this inner fear comes from the essence of God who is found in the world.

Regarding this higher fear we say “if there is no wisdom there is no fear.”

In Hebrew the word for wisdom is Chochmah – which comes from Coach Ma”h.

This represents Ma / nothingness, a complete humility and subsuming oneself into God.

“Who is wise, who sees what is born” – in other words, that understands, how everything comes out of nothing, through the word of God and the breath of His mouth, as it says, with the breath of God, all things were created.

This being the case Heaven and Earth and everything in them are completely within God, and they lack any individual existence, they are within the word of God which brings them out of non-existence all the time, like a ray of sun, which of-course comes from the Sun, but while it is in the Sun, it doesn’t exist.

Do not remove yourself as well from this all encompassing principle!! – for also your body and soul are all emanating from God’s word and breath every moment! hence in essence you don’t exist, you are within and one with God!

And His word is one with His thought as we mentioned before in chapter 20 and chapter 21 at Great length – using the example from the soul of a person that His one word of a sentence or one thought is nothing compared to his capacity of infinite thinking and Thinking.

Now when it comes to love of God there are also two levels – there is a “Great love” and a “Love fr this world.”

The Great love is a feeling of pleasure in God.

This is like a fire that burns on its own.

It comes as a gift from God to somebody who is complete in their higher fear of God.

Now without preceding the fear of God, one cannot achieve this great level of love of God, for this love comes from the world of Atzilus.

However “the love from the world” comes from thinking about the greatness of God and His Infinity – how He fills all universes and he encompasses all universes and all universes and all His energy that makes them, are literally nothing compared to Him, like one letter within the thought of a person as it still is in his thought or in his desire which there it doesn’t exist… as mentioned earlier.

Now when one has a contemplation of this idea, then this love will spread forth in his soul – in other words you will get yourself to a point that you will seek no other desire but the desire of God Himself – the source of all pleasures.

For all pleasures are nothing compared to God – there’s no comparison between all the pleasures combined.. and the Infinite source, God-forbid just like there’s no comparison between absolute nothingness and infinite life.

This is what it says “Besides you, both in heaven and earth – I have no one and no other desire.”

“My body and heart yearn for you, rock of my heart” as we will speak about later.

Now even somebody that his soul is not within any pleasure whatsoever whether physical or spiritual – in other words somebody who by nature is cold so how can you transfer his love from the physical to the spiritual??

He can create a tremendous passion in himself, like a flaming fire and burning flame to the sky! through this meditation, as we will write about later.

Now This Love sometimes it precedes fear, based on the knowledge that gives birth to it, and therefore it is possible, for even a wicked person who sins much, to do repentance just from this love, born in his heart, by recalling God.

Actually fear is included in this love automatically, but the fear may be the minor part – in other words, the fear to rebel against God, God-forbid, and the love is the part that is most revealed.

However this is usually circumstantial and happens only once in a while by Divine supervision for a purpose – like the story of Rabbi Eleazar Ben Durdai.

But the normal order of Divine service based on the choice that man makes – a person has to First do Torah and Mitzvahs through the lower fear, to illuminate their Godly soul with the light of Torah, and after that the Divine loving light will shine up on them for and “You shall love God” has the numerical equivalent of twice “light” as is known to the Kabbalists.

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