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It is very important to know what will never change – the first thing that will never change, is obviously the source / God – the second thing that will never change is God’s intention – it is only His intention that creates reality and to the best of our knowledge which is actually very good – for we are, after thousands of years of Divine revelation, particularly the revelation of the Rebbe who consolidated everything and was able to get to the core! He is the wisdom of Moshiach and of-course there’s so much… that it is impossible to describe… but in a very fundamental level what we do know… is that we exist within a universe, which is a time space dimension and even though perhaps the universe itself may upgrade – but the basic fundamental concept of reality which is a soul / a emotional being within a time space reality that has the ability to both interact with the reality around him and himself – this basic functional reality is what will always be… as well as the imperative… that our task is goodness, kindness, love, unity and perhaps equally as important, consistent growth

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