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Chapter 46 Tanya In simple English

There is another great way which is applicable for all people and very very easy in order to inspire and light up the hidden love which is within the heart of every Jew, that it should shine with a great luminescence, like a flaming fire within one’s heart and mind – to the extent that one gives their life for God, their body, money, with all their heart and soul – from the depths of the heart in absolute truth, especially when they say Shema and it’s blessings,vas will be explained.

This occurs when a person considers what it says that “Just as water reflects the face that peers into it, so too, do human hearts reflect each other.”

In other words, just as the image of the face which appears into the water is reflected within the water – this is exactly the same when it comes to a person who feels a genuine love from another person, so this love arouses the love in the heart of the other to him – and they become deeply close friends – particularly when the other sees the expression of their friend’s love to them.

This is the nature between people, even when they are on equal standing – how much infinitely more so if the case was a great king who comes to show His incredible love to a simple and low person who is eating from the garbage and the King descends from His Royal throne room, with all His ministers and He uplifts him from the garbage, and he brings him into his inner chamber, and he brings him to his own room where nobody… no servant nor Minister may enter… there he connects to him with true love and friendship, with a hug and a kiss, and connecting soul to soul with all his heart and soul – how much more so would automatically the love in the heart of the simple person be aroused to the soul of the king – and have an infinite love for the king.

And even if his heart was as hard as Stone, it would melt like water, and his soul would cleave to the love of the king.

This exact scenario but infinitely more so did God himself do for us!! His greatness is beyond any human comprehension, He fills all universes, He encompasses all universes, and it is known from the Holy Zohar and Holy Ari how many rooms and universes exist, and in every universe and every chamber hundreds of thousands of angels without any limit to their number exist.

As it states in the Talmud, it is written, “Is there any count to His troops?!” and it is written “Tens of thousands serve God and hundreds of thousands of angels stand before God.” (it seems to be a contradiction…) So it explains, that tens of thousands is the amount of one troop! however there is an unlimited number of troops!

All to God are like nothing, and are so subsumed within Him, like a single word relative to the soul that can talk infinite words, and relative to the essence of the Soul when this word is just a thought or a desire – even before it enters into a conscious word, as we mentioned at length earlier.

And all these angels ask, “Where is God’s glory?” And they reply, “God’s glory is filled only in this world… on the Jewish people, his Nation.”

For God abandoned the highest heaven and everything below and only chose the Jewish people, his nation and took them out of Egypt, the debased of all lands, a place of Kelipah and impurity – He did not use the agency of an Angel etc. He Himself, with His own Glory went there, like it says in the verse, “And I will go down to save them.” (This was done) in order to bring them close to Him, with a true loving Bond, with a soul to soul connection, like a kiss – lips to lips, word to word, namely the word of God, which is the Jewish law and the connection of Spirit to Spirit, which is a comprehension of the Torah and knowing the will of God and His wisdom which is completely one with Him.

Also the level of hug, which is the fulfillment of the actual Mitzvas with the 248 limbs, which correspond to the Limbs of the King, God, as mentioned before – in other words, when we do a Mitzvah, we are hugged by God.

Generally speaking they divide into three, the right left and middle side – which is Chessed, Din and Rachamim which represent the two arms and the body.

This is what it says that “You have sanctified us with your Commandments…” like a person who consecrates a woman, that she should be solely with him, in a complete Union, as it says, that, “He should connect to his wife, and they will become one body.”

Similarly but much more so, infinitely more so is the connection of The Godly Soul which studies Torah and does Mitzvos and the animal soul and her garments within the light of God at that time.

And this is why King Solomon gave the example in Song of Songs, of the Union of a bride and groom, which is done with Love and desire, with a hug and kiss.

This is what it says that, “He sanctified us with His Commandments”; He elevated us to the level of Divine Holiness, which is a Holiness of God and His glory and Essence.

The terminology of Holiness is “separation” – in other words, that God is separate from all the universes and He encompasses them all, for He is beyond them all.

For through the union of the Soul and it’s merging with the Divine Light, it too reaches the level of the Holiness of God, as one unifies and becomes one with God and they literally become one.

This is the meaning of the verse “You should be holy, for I God am holy, and I have separated you from the Nations to be for me” and it says “You should do all my Commandments and be holy me to your God, I am God. “

In other words through doing the Mitzvos, I am your God just like the “God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob” are called so – because they were the level of a “Merkavah / Divine vehicle” and humbled and merged in His light.

The same holds true with any Jewish Soul as they study Torah or do Mitzvahs (that God merges with their soul.)

As our sages have commanded us to stand before any person who is doing A Mitzvah, even if he is a simpleton and ignorant – because at that moment God is dwelling within his soul.

It is only the individual soul does not feel this Divine connection, because the physical body which Has not been refined, darkens the eyes of the soul from seeing Divine energy, unlike our forefathers and others Tzaddikim that were able to see heaven on Earth.

This is what the prophet Asaph said on behalf of all the Jewish people in exile, “I am like a ignorant who does not know – like an animal, I am with you – and I am always with you.”

In other words, even though that I am like an animal when I am with you… and I do not see and feel this unity in my soul (for if I would, a great fear and dread would fall upon me… and afterwards an incredible pleasurable delight…. like what occurs to the Tzaddikim whose bodies are refined – as is known, that knowledge is the same as feeling – it includes Chessed / love and Gevurah / fear) nevertheless I am always with you! because the physical body does not prevent the unity of the Soul within the Divine Light who fills all worlds… like it says that “Even darkness does not conceal from you.”

Now we can understand how great is the sin of doing forbidden work on Shabbos and Chametz on Pesach, which applies to all Jewish souls – because even an ignorant Jew, the light of the Holiness of Shabbos and Yom Tov unites with their soul, and they are judged with a soul excision or (if purposely violated) death, for defying this holiness.

And even a tiny amount of Chametz or moving a little bit of Muktza ( something we may not move on Shabbos) defies the Holiness of Shabbos which is on the soul – exactly the same as the Holiness of Shabbos which is on the soul of a Tzaddik, for there is one Torah for us all.

(And why it says “animals” in the plural… to indicate that before God, even the highest understanding which includes the highest levels of love and fear is like an animal – in other words, like nothing relative to the Infinite Light – like it says, I’ve made them all! and it is called the “Great animal” as mentioned elsewhere – this is the name Ba”n which is the Gematriah of Bihaima / animal which is before Atzilus.)

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