Chapter 46 Tanya In simple English

There is another great way which is applicable for all people and very very easy in order to inspire and light up the hidden love which is within the heart of every Jew, that it should shine with a great luminescence, like a flaming fire within one’s heart and mind – to the extent that one gives their life for God, their body, money, with all their heart and soul – from the depths of the heart in absolute truth, especially when they say Shema and it’s blessings,vas will be explained.

This occurs when a person considers what it says that “Just as water reflects the face that peers into it, so too, do human hearts reflect each other.”

In other words, just as the image of the face which appears into the water is reflected within the water – this is exactly the same when it comes to a person who feels a genuine love from another person, so this love arouses the love in the heart of the other to him – and they become deeply close friends – particularly when the other sees the expression of their friend’s love to them.

This is the nature between people, even when they are on equal standing – how much infinitely more so if the case was a great king who comes to show His incredible love to a simple and low person who is eating from the garbage and the King descends from His Royal throne room, with all His ministers and He uplifts him from the garbage, and he brings him into his inner chamber, and he brings him to his own room where nobody… no servant nor Minister may enter… there he connects to him with true love and friendship, with a hug and a kiss, and connecting soul to soul with all his heart and soul – how much more so would automatically the love in the heart of the simple person be aroused to the soul of the king – and have an infinite love for the king.

And even if his heart was as hard as Stone, it would melt like water, and his soul would cleave to the love of the king.

This exact scenario but infinitely more so did God himself do for us!! His greatness is beyond any human comprehension, He fills all universes, He encompasses all universes, and it is known from the Holy Zohar and Holy Ari how many rooms and universes exist, and in every universe and every chamber hundreds of thousands of angels without any limit to their number exist.

As it states in the Talmud, it is written, “Is there any count to His troops?!” and it is written “Tens of thousands serve God and hundreds of thousands of angels stand before God.” (it seems to be a contradiction…) So it explains, that tens of thousands is the amount of one troop! however there is an unlimited number of troops!

All to God are like nothing, and are so subsumed within Him, like a single word relative to the soul that can talk infinite words, and relative to the essence of the Soul when this word is just a thought or a desire – even before it enters into a conscious word, as we mentioned at length earlier.

And all these angels ask, “Where is God’s glory?” And they reply, “God’s glory is filled only in this world… on the Jewish people, his Nation.”

For God abandoned the highest heaven and everything below and only chose the Jewish people, his nation and took them out of Egypt, the debased of all lands, a place of Kelipah and impurity – He did not use the agency of an Angel etc. He Himself, with His own Glory went there, like it says in the verse, “And I will go down to save them.” (This was done) in order to bring them close to Him, with a true loving Bond, with a soul to soul connection, like a kiss – lips to lips, word to word, namely the word of God, which is the Jewish law and the connection of Spirit to Spirit, which is a comprehension of the Torah and knowing the will of God and His wisdom which is completely one with Him.

Also the level of hug, which is the fulfillment of the actual Mitzvas with the 248 limbs, which correspond to the Limbs of the King, God, as mentioned before – in other words, when we do a Mitzvah, we are hugged by God.

Generally speaking they divide into three, the right left and middle side – which is Chessed, Din and Rachamim which represent the two arms and the body.

This is what it says that “You have sanctified us with your Commandments…” like a person who consecrates a woman, that she should be solely with him, in a complete Union, as it says, that, “He should connect to his wife, and they will become one body.”

Similarly but much more so, infinitely more so is the connection of The Godly Soul which studies Torah and does Mitzvos and the animal soul and her garments within the light of God at that time.

And this is why King Solomon gave the example in Song of Songs, of the Union of a bride and groom, which is done with Love and desire, with a hug and kiss.

This is what it says that, “He sanctified us with His Commandments”; He elevated us to the level of Divine Holiness, which is a Holiness of God and His glory and Essence.

The terminology of Holiness is “separation” – in other words, that God is separate from all the universes and He encompasses them all, for He is beyond them all.

For through the union of the Soul and it’s merging with the Divine Light, it too reaches the level of the Holiness of God, as one unifies and becomes one with God and they literally become one.

This is the meaning of the verse “You should be holy, for I God am holy, and I have separated you from the Nations to be for me” and it says “You should do all my Commandments and be holy me to your God, I am God. “

In other words through doing the Mitzvos, I am your God just like the “God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob” are called so – because they were the level of a “Merkavah / Divine vehicle” and humbled and merged in His light.

The same holds true with any Jewish Soul as they study Torah or do Mitzvahs (that God merges with their soul.)

As our sages have commanded us to stand before any person who is doing A Mitzvah, even if he is a simpleton and ignorant – because at that moment God is dwelling within his soul.

It is only the individual soul does not feel this Divine connection, because the physical body which Has not been refined, darkens the eyes of the soul from seeing Divine energy, unlike our forefathers and others Tzaddikim that were able to see heaven on Earth.

This is what the prophet Asaph said on behalf of all the Jewish people in exile, “I am like a ignorant who does not know – like an animal, I am with you – and I am always with you.”

In other words, even though that I am like an animal when I am with you… and I do not see and feel this unity in my soul (for if I would, a great fear and dread would fall upon me… and afterwards an incredible pleasurable delight…. like what occurs to the Tzaddikim whose bodies are refined – as is known, that knowledge is the same as feeling – it includes Chessed / love and Gevurah / fear) nevertheless I am always with you! because the physical body does not prevent the unity of the Soul within the Divine Light who fills all worlds… like it says that “Even darkness does not conceal from you.”

Now we can understand how great is the sin of doing forbidden work on Shabbos and Chametz on Pesach, which applies to all Jewish souls – because even an ignorant Jew, the light of the Holiness of Shabbos and Yom Tov unites with their soul, and they are judged with a soul excision or (if purposely violated) death, for defying this holiness.

And even a tiny amount of Chametz or moving a little bit of Muktza ( something we may not move on Shabbos) defies the Holiness of Shabbos which is on the soul – exactly the same as the Holiness of Shabbos which is on the soul of a Tzaddik, for there is one Torah for us all.

(And why it says “animals” in the plural… to indicate that before God, even the highest understanding which includes the highest levels of love and fear is like an animal – in other words, like nothing relative to the Infinite Light – like it says, I’ve made them all! and it is called the “Great animal” as mentioned elsewhere – this is the name Ba”n which is the Gematriah of Bihaima / animal which is before Atzilus.)


Because the brain is a physical machine, like a computer – and simply has no ability to construct a perception of a reality without the information which is given to it – and the infinite reality is, that the Creator made finite time-space bound souls – in order that they should a. have a choice / Independence and b. they should realize, that everything that they know is both false / meaningless, and then in the desperate search for truth – the infinite truth, which is beyond any human mind… but being infinite!!! can simultaneously descend into any human mind… at least like rain 🌧️ drops of water – one following the next – to saturate one’s heart and soul, with Infinite Divine Inspiration


It is very important to know what will never change – the first thing that will never change, is obviously the source / God – the second thing that will never change is God’s intention – it is only His intention that creates reality and to the best of our knowledge which is actually very good – for we are, after thousands of years of Divine revelation, particularly the revelation of the Rebbe who consolidated everything and was able to get to the core! He is the wisdom of Moshiach and of-course there’s so much… that it is impossible to describe… but in a very fundamental level what we do know… is that we exist within a universe, which is a time space dimension and even though perhaps the universe itself may upgrade – but the basic fundamental concept of reality which is a soul / a emotional being within a time space reality that has the ability to both interact with the reality around him and himself – this basic functional reality is what will always be… as well as the imperative… that our task is goodness, kindness, love, unity and perhaps equally as important, consistent growth


Chapter 41 Tanya in Simple English

Now it is necessary to always recall the foundation of service of God, and the main idea of serving God, and it’s source…

That though fear of God is the motivation to fulfill the 365 prohibitions and love, the 248 commandments….

Nonetheless, it is not enough to inspire ourselves only with love for God to do what is right – but we have to at the outset inspire our innate fear of God, which is at least hidden within every Jewish heart.

This is the fear to not rebel against The King of Kings, the Holy One Blessed Is He, as mentioned before.

We have to send this emotion, to be revealed in our hearts or at least in our minds – meaning to think about the greatness of God, and His kingship, which He is the King of all universes, above and below – and He fills all space and encompasses all space, as it states, “Do I not fill Heaven and Earth?!” and He abandons both, and He focuses His kingdom on His Nation, the Jewish people in a general way, and specifically on YOU, for each person must say, the world was created specifically for me!

And furthermore I accept upon myself God’s rulership, that He should be my ruler, and I will serve Him and fulfill His will in any type of service.

And God hovers above me, though His presence fills all universes, and He focuses on me, and He verifies both the intention behind my actions, and my heart, if I am serving Him properly.

And therefore I will serve Him with reverence and respect as if I am standing before the presence of the king.

Now one should think deeply into this concept and at length, to the extent that your mind can comprehend it, and based on your available time, before you study Torah or do a Mitzvah, for example before you put on the Taalis and Teffilin.

Furthermore you should contemplate how the infinite light of God, which encompasses all universes and fills all universes is the will of God, and this will is within the letters and the wisdom of the Torah or the Tzitzis or Teffilin that I shall currently put on, and when I read these words or when I wear these holy objects, I draw down upon myself the Divine light.

This light is drawn down on the Godly soul within my body, which merges into the Divine Light – more specifically when I put on Teffilin, the wisdom and knowledge of my Godly soul becomes merged with the wisdom and knowledge of the Infinite light which is within the Holy Chapters (contained in the Teffilin) “Kadesh” and “Vihaya Ki Viyacha” – in other words, to not use my wisdom and knowledge but for God, and also to put my power of integration (Daas) which includes Chessed and Gevurah, which is both love and fear in your heart – in the level of Daas Elyoin – which includes Chessed and Gevurah, which is within Parshas “Shema” and “Vehaya I’m Shamoi” in other words, as it states in Shulchan Aruch, to subdue one’s heart and mind to serve God.

And when one puts on Tzitzis, they should have in mind that they are uniting God’s kingship upon themselves – a kingship that spans all universes.

Now even after the above, even if he doesn’t receive an emotional fear / acceptance of God’s kingship, but even just an intellectual one and the desire in his mind to so do….

And this acceptance is absolutely true, for every Jewish Soul, by its nature, desires this.

Now the Torah that one studies and the Mitzvah that one does, based on this motivation is considered a complete Avoidah / service of God.

However if one serves God only out of love and not with any fear, then this is not considered like serving as a servant – and the Torah says, “You should serve God your Lord;” “He should you serve.”

As the Zohar Parshas Behar says, “We must be like an ox that one places upon it a yoke – to begin with… before it does work -so too a human being must accept upon himself the yoke of God  etc. and this causes goodness to the world and if not Holiness does not rest with him.”

And it states in Rayeh Mehemna there (p. 111 side b) every person must be on two levels and categories. Both a servant as well as a son. (Now though it is true, there is a level of a son who is a servant, it is impossible to reach this level without prefacing the higher level of fear as known to the Kabbalists.

Now even someone who doesn’t feel even in their mind or thought any fear or shame before God – because they have a soul which comes from a very low place… from the lower levels of the 10 Sefiros of Asiyah – nevertheless because their intention is serving God therefore it is what they are doing. Therefore this is considered a complete service – for fear of God, and service to God are actually two separate Mitzvos in the 613 Mitzvos and they are not mutually exclusive.

And in truth he is also fulfilling the Mitzvah of fear of God, for at least at the moment that he thinks about the greatness of God, he has an intellectual fear of God (at least to the extent that a person fears another, hoping that they don’t see them when they sin.)

As Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakai said to his disciples that you should fear God as much as you fear being “caught ” by man.

So his disciples asked “is that it?”… He said, “That would be great! because when somebody sins he thinks ‘I hope nobody sees.'”

However this fear is called the lower fear – and the fear of sin, which must preceed Chochmah (Torah etc.)

And the higher fear is called shame (before God.)

There is a higher / lower category of fear.

However if one lacks any fear then their Torah and Mitzvos cannot ascend, just like a bird cannot fly with One Wing. (For love and fear of God are two wings.)

Likewise just fear on its own is One Wing and cannot soar aloft – even though it is called the service of a servant – one still needs the level of a son to arouse the innate love that one has for God – that it should be revealed in the mind – to at least remember one’s love for God, and desire to connect to him.

This should be your intention whenever you study Torah and do a Mitzvah to connect your Godly soul and your animal soul and your garments to God.

Nonetheless our sages have said that you should always include all the Jewish people in your intention to connect and attach the source of The Godly soul and the source of all the Jewish souls, which is the breath of God’s mouth, which is called the Shechina, for it rests and comes into all the universes to give them life and keep them going and this is what causes the power of speech, in the very words of Torah, that you are saying right now or in the action that you are doing – to do the Mitzvah – and this unity, through drawing down the light of God through the study of Torah and Mitzvos which you are currently doing – you should have the intention to draw down the light of God on the source of your soul, and on the soul of all the Jewish people to connect them to God, as it says later in the explanation of this unity, see there.

This is the explanation of what we say every day in prayers that we pray for the sake of the unity of God and His Shechina in the name of all Jewish people.

Although for this intention to be absolutely true, that your soul/ heart fully desires this unity there must be in your heart a great love for God, and exclusive love to provide for Him Joy – and your intention is not for your own sake, “To quench your spiritual thirst” but rather like a son who works for the sake of his father and mother as he loves them more than himself – as we said before in the name of the Rayeh Mehemna,  nevertheless every person should accustom themselves to having this intention, for even if it is not 100% their whole desire, but some of this desire… certainly they have!, due to the innate love that every Jew has for God, to do all that He wishes, for in this unity is God’s wish – this is the unity within the realm of Atzilus which happens when man below connects his Godly soul, with the light of God – which is in the Torah and Mitzvos that he is involved in, and they become one as we said before.

For through this, the source of Torah and Mitzvos which is God, gets unified with the source of your Godly Soul, which is called the Shechina, which is the level of the light that fills all the universes and the level of the light that encompasses all the universes, as spoken about at length elsewhere.

Now the unity of one’s soul and it’s integration and merging in the light of God to literally be one… this is an innate desire in every Jew..m with all his heart and soul… from his innate love which is within the heart of all Jewish people to connect with God, and not to be separate and separated God forbid from His unity and oneness in any way shape or form, even if it would literally cost one’s life.

Now the study of Torah and doing Mitzvahs and prayer is also the idea of literally Mesiras Nefesh, giving one’s life for God, as what occurs when it leaves the body after 70 years etc. where the life / soul / consciousness does not think about the needs of the body, rather her thought process is unified and connected to the letters of Torah and prayer which is literally the word of God and His thoughts, and they are literally one! for this is the entire Drive of souls in Heaven as it states in the Talmud and the Zohar.

Now in heaven they take pleasure in their understanding of the secrets of the Torah and their unification in the Divine Light.

This is why our sages instituted in the beginning of the blessings in the morning before prayer to say, “God, my soul… You blew it into me… and You are going to take it from me” in other words, As You blew it into me, and You are going to take it from me… therefore, for now forward I give it to you, to be unified in your oneness.”

As the verse says “To you God, I give my soul.”

This is through connecting my thoughts with your thoughts, my speech with your speech, through the letters of Torah and prayer & and especially speaking directly to God, as we say, “Blessed are You etc.”

Now with this preparation of giving one’s soul to God, this is how one should start their morning blessings, “Blessed are You etc.”

Similarly with this preparation you should begin to study your daily study session, which immediately follows prayer.

Similarly the study that you do during the day – before you begin to study, you need to make this preparation – as is known that the main preparation of having the correct intention is in the beginning of study, by the Benoini, just like the “get” and “Sefer Torah” it needs to be written with intention, and it is enough that he says when he begins to write, “I am writing, for the Holiness of the Sefer Torah or for God’s name etc.”

Now when you learn many hours consecutively, then you should have this intention every hour on the hour at least, for every hour a new energy from God comes to give life to the universes – and the energy of the previous hour returns to her source (in the system of Rotzu-Vshuv Forward and Return – as mentioned in the book Sefer Yetzirah.)

The energy returns to God with all the Torah and Good deeds that have been done by people below.

For every hour a different combination of one of the 12 possible combinations of the name of God, Yud – Hei – Vov – Hei dominates in the 12 hours of the day, and the combination of the name of God & Alef Daled Nun Yud dominate at night, as is known.

Now one’s entire intention by having this desire to give one’s soul to God through the Torah and Mitzvos to elevate the Godliness within oneself to it’s source can only be in order to create a pleasure to God, like the joy of a king when his son returns to him after his being captured as mentioned earlier.

This intention is absolutely pure in every Jewish soul for at all times and every hour – due to its innate love which we received from our forefathers – as we desire this.

It is just that we have to set aside time to think about the greatness of God, to create a love and Awe for Him, at least intellectually based and then perhaps… (Will filter into emotions.)


Tanya 43 Tanya in simple English

This lower level of fear which is used to do the Mitzvahs our sages say, “if there is no fear, there is no wisdom.”

It has a level of small-mindedness and expansiveness.

This means, when this fear derives from contemplating the greatness of God – that he fills all universes with his energy and the distance from Earth to the sky is 500 years! and between each sky likewise, and the feet, meaning the lowest level of the Angels called Chayois, are in fact is large as them all!!

So too, the descent of all the spiritual Worlds from above to below – when we think about this and get a deep understanding of the Divine Life Force that provides life to all worlds and spiritual levels, we evoke a great awe of God.

Now this is still called the lower fear, and an outer fear, because it is based on the understanding of God – which we perceive from contemplating the world.

These are the clothing of the king God, which He hides himself in, to give life force and create them out of non-existence consistently.

This is the gateway to keeping Torah and Mitzvahs.

However there is a higher level of fear, called a shame before God.

And this inner fear comes from the essence of God who is found in the world.

Regarding this higher fear we say “if there is no wisdom there is no fear.”

In Hebrew the word for wisdom is Chochmah – which comes from Coach Ma”h.

This represents Ma / nothingness, a complete humility and subsuming oneself into God.

“Who is wise, who sees what is born” – in other words, that understands, how everything comes out of nothing, through the word of God and the breath of His mouth, as it says, with the breath of God, all things were created.

This being the case Heaven and Earth and everything in them are completely within God, and they lack any individual existence, they are within the word of God which brings them out of non-existence all the time, like a ray of sun, which of-course comes from the Sun, but while it is in the Sun, it doesn’t exist.

Do not remove yourself as well from this all encompassing principle!! – for also your body and soul are all emanating from God’s word and breath every moment! hence in essence you don’t exist, you are within and one with God!

And His word is one with His thought as we mentioned before in chapter 20 and chapter 21 at Great length – using the example from the soul of a person that His one word of a sentence or one thought is nothing compared to his capacity of infinite thinking and Thinking.

Now when it comes to love of God there are also two levels – there is a “Great love” and a “Love fr this world.”

The Great love is a feeling of pleasure in God.

This is like a fire that burns on its own.

It comes as a gift from God to somebody who is complete in their higher fear of God.

Now without preceding the fear of God, one cannot achieve this great level of love of God, for this love comes from the world of Atzilus.

However “the love from the world” comes from thinking about the greatness of God and His Infinity – how He fills all universes and he encompasses all universes and all universes and all His energy that makes them, are literally nothing compared to Him, like one letter within the thought of a person as it still is in his thought or in his desire which there it doesn’t exist… as mentioned earlier.

Now when one has a contemplation of this idea, then this love will spread forth in his soul – in other words you will get yourself to a point that you will seek no other desire but the desire of God Himself – the source of all pleasures.

For all pleasures are nothing compared to God – there’s no comparison between all the pleasures combined.. and the Infinite source, God-forbid just like there’s no comparison between absolute nothingness and infinite life.

This is what it says “Besides you, both in heaven and earth – I have no one and no other desire.”

“My body and heart yearn for you, rock of my heart” as we will speak about later.

Now even somebody that his soul is not within any pleasure whatsoever whether physical or spiritual – in other words somebody who by nature is cold so how can you transfer his love from the physical to the spiritual??

He can create a tremendous passion in himself, like a flaming fire and burning flame to the sky! through this meditation, as we will write about later.

Now This Love sometimes it precedes fear, based on the knowledge that gives birth to it, and therefore it is possible, for even a wicked person who sins much, to do repentance just from this love, born in his heart, by recalling God.

Actually fear is included in this love automatically, but the fear may be the minor part – in other words, the fear to rebel against God, God-forbid, and the love is the part that is most revealed.

However this is usually circumstantial and happens only once in a while by Divine supervision for a purpose – like the story of Rabbi Eleazar Ben Durdai.

But the normal order of Divine service based on the choice that man makes – a person has to First do Torah and Mitzvahs through the lower fear, to illuminate their Godly soul with the light of Torah, and after that the Divine loving light will shine up on them for and “You shall love God” has the numerical equivalent of twice “light” as is known to the Kabbalists.


Tanya In Simple English Chapter 44

Now each one of these levels of love or the two levels mentioned, “Great love” or “love from the world” is divided into many categories – in fact, infinite different levels.

Each person based on their understanding (has a unique insight/love.)

As the Zohar says based on the verse, “Her husband is known at the gates” – “this is God, who reveals Himself to each person based on their own understanding of God.”

This is why love and fear of God are called, “The secrets to God our Lord.”

Whearas Torah and Mitzvos are revealed.

For there is one Torah and one law for all of us – in terms of keeping the Torah and Mitzvos, when it comes to the actual performance.

However when it comes to the love and the fear of God which is based on one’s knowledge of God’s greatness… therefore it is individualized.

However there is a love which is comprised of all of the levels of “great love” and “Love from the world” which can be achieved by every single Jew, and it is an inheritance from our forefathers to us:

This is what was written in the Zohar based on the verse, “My soul longs for you at night” that one loves God with a soul love, just as he loves the life force in his body and this is what it says, “My soul longs for you!” “That because you are my soul and the source of my life, and the source of life itself – therefore I long for you, just like a person who is bedridden, sick and weak longs for their soul and vitality.”

Similarly when a person goes to sleep they desire that their soul should return to them when they wake up in the morning.

“I too desire the light of the Infinity of God, the source of all life, the source of my life, to come into me through the study of Torah… when I wake up at night… for Torah and God are one.”

As the Zohar says, that a person’s love for God should be such, that when they wake up at night they should study Torah till the morning.

And an even greater love than this which is also within the heart of every Jew as an inheritance from our forefathers, is what it says in Rayeh Mehemna, to love God like a son loves his parents, even more than himself!

This was a level of the love that Moses had, and though who can assume that they are as great, to achieve even a thousandth of the level of the love of Moses!!, nevertheless something of it, even a minute amount spreads to the Jews in every single generation.

As it says in the Tikkunim, that this love spreads in every generation to enlighten the Jews, it is only that it’s quantity is quite concealed within the souls of every Jew.

Now to bring this love from its concealed state to being revealed, to feel it in one’s heart and mind, is not beyond the person – in fact it is very easy, for if a person consistently arouses their intention and concentration on the source of all life, the Infinite God who is literally Our Father – and the source of Our lives….and one arouses a love to God, as a son has to a father…

Then when one does so consistently, this emotion becomes natural to them.

And even if a person thinks that maybe this is just a fleeting emotion; worry not, as it is truly felt, based on the innate, albeit, subconscious love that is this within the Jewish heart.

The benefit of fanning it into a full blown love, is in order to cause an action – which is the study of Torah and performance of Mitzvos done solely to create a pleasure to God, like a son who serves his father.

Now the pleasure one is causing God, is like the pleasure that a king would receive when his son is returned to him after being captured!! (which is the sparks of Godliness in this world which are elevated through Torah and Mitzvos.)

Alternatively one can contemplate the pleasure God is receiving from Dirah Bitachtoinim – being part of your life.

Now also this previous level of love which is the love of understanding that God is your soul life, can also be brought from subconscious to Revelation, through consistently thinking about it.

(It helps to actually say: “God is my father” – “God is my soul’s life!” to bring this love from the subconscious to actually being felt.)

If somebody finds they cannot cause this love to be manifest and to feel it within themselves, nevertheless they can study Torah and do Mitzvos for the sake of God, through just even imagining This Love in the mind… “And a good thought, God connects it to the action.”

Now these two levels of Love, even though they are an inheritance to us from our forefathers and like an instinct in our souls, and similarly fear is included within them, namely the fear not to be separated from God… from the source of our life and our true father God – nevertheless they are not called natural love and fear unless they are in the mind and the thoughts, and in the subconscious heart… then their place is in the 10 Sefiros of Yetzirah, and they elevate to there the Torah and Mitzvos which come due to the motivation of this love and fear.

However when they are revealed in one’s heart, they are called “the desire of the heart” in the Zohar.

Then their location is in the 10 Sefiros of Beriah and they also elevate to there, all the Torah and Mitzvos which come as their result.

For taking them out of the hidden part of the heart to be revealed comes through one’s contemplation and tremendous concentration, including consistently thinking about the Infinity of God, how He is our life and our true father.

Now it is well known what it is said in the Tikkunim that in the world of Beriah, Binah pulsates, which is the contemplation and Infinity of God, the source of all life, like Eliyahu said, “Binah is the heart and through it the heart understands.”

Furthermore these two levels of love Are comprised of, from the level of “Great love” and are greater than the love and fear that are intellectually generated, called “Love of this world.”

Nevertheless a person has to work very hard to achieve even the level of “Love of the world” which comes from understanding the greatness of God, to fan the love in his heart, to reach Heavenward, to the extent that no water can extinguish it, and no river can drown it.

For there is a benefit to the level of Love like fire, like a burning flame, which comes from understanding the greatness of God, over these two previously mentioned loves, if they are not at the level of a passionate fire… like the benefit of gold over silver, as we will write about later..- and also this is the entire purpose of man, to know the glory of God, and His wondrous acts… each person according to the capacity of his mind, as it states in Zohar Parshas Boi, that the purpose of this creation, is to recognize God, as is known.


Tanya In Simple English chapter 45

There is another great way to study Torah and do Mitzvahs Lishma / for the sake of God.

Through the characteristic of Jacob, which is the characteristic of compassion.

This occurs through feeling compassion, great compassion on the spark of God which gives life to your soul.

This spark left its source, the life of all lifes, the Infinite God Blessed Be He, Who fills all universes and encompasses all universes, and all universes to Him are nothing! and it came into a serpent’s skin, the body, ☹️ which is distant from the light of the King’s face, an infinite distance, for this world is filled with the most gross Kelipa etc.

Especially when a person recalls all the bad thoughts, speech and actions that they have done since birth, which were not good – and this caused that God, the spark of God, should be trapped in filth, as it states that “Jacob is a rope.”

This is like an example of a person who pulls a rope that when you pull from the bottom, the top comes down – this is the secret of the exile of the Shechina – that the spark of God is forced to participate in one’s debased thoughts, speech and actions, which is in very very torturous to it.

This is what the verse says, “And he will return to God and have compassion,” that we must have tremendous compassion on the name of God that dwells in us, like it states, that God dwells within us, in our impurity.

And this is what the verse says, “That Jacob kissed Rachel, and he lifted his voice and cried.”

For Rachel is the source of the Jewish souls.

And Jacob above, is the characteristic of compassion of Atzilus which has compassion on her.

And he lifts his voice above to the source of Divine compassion, who is called The Father of compassion and its source.

This cry is to arouse, to draw from there, great compassion on all the souls, and on the source of the Jewish souls, to elevate them out of exile and to unite them in a Divine Union with the light of God – with the level of kiss, which is the connection of spirit to Spirit, as it says, “I will kiss you with a kiss of lips” which means the connection of the speech of man with the speech of God which are the Jewish laws, and also the thought of man with the thought of God, the action of man with God’s action which is the action of the mitzvahs.

This especially refers to the action of charity and kindness.

For “kindness is God’s right hand” and it’s literally receiving a hug from God when one engages in it, as it says and “His right hand will hug me.”

And the study of Torah when it is verbalized and the contemplation of Torah in the mind is literally the level of a kiss.

Now through this a person can achieve the “great love” for God, to be revealed in his heart, like it says, “Jacob who redeemed Abraham” as we discussed elsewhere.