Chapter 37 Tanya In Simple English

Now the ultimate goal of the days of Moshiach and the resurrection of the Dead, which is the revelation of the Infinity of God in this world! depends on our actions throughout the exile, for the cause of the reward of the Mitzvah, is the Mitzvah itself.

For when one does the Mitzvah, a person draws upon himself the Infinity of God from above to below, to descend into this physical world, into the matter, which was formally under the Dominion of the Kelipah.

Namely all the permissible items / kosher, which were used for physical Mitzvos, such as parchment for Teffilin and Mezuzois and a Sefer Torah, as our sages say, “only kosher items are allowed to be used for Holy matters.”

Simalerly an Esrog which is not Orla, (as Orla is from the three completely impure Kelipahs, which will not be elevated at all, as it states in Eitz Chayim, as well as any Mitzvah that comes about through a sin…such as a stolen Esrog etc. namely it will not elevate) as well as Charity which is not from stolen money etc. So currently when you do God’s will, this energy becomes part of the Infinity of God’s light, which is His desire – which is placed within this coin, for now there is no concealment of His light.

Similarly, the energy of one’s animal Soul which is in the body which fulfills the Mitzvah also becomes part of this Mitzvah and therefore the body too elevates from the Kelipah and becomes energized by holiness and therefore part of it – and also with the Mitzvah of Torah study and saying the Shema and prayer etc. even though specifically the physical realm is under the Dominion of Kelipa, nevertheless we do know that “Thinking does not equate to speaking” and one only fulfills the Mitzvah of Torah study and prayer when one actually says it – and we know that speech is considered an action, for it is impossible for The Godly soul to speak without using the agency of the animal Soul which is in the physical body… and the more energy you place into your speech, the more you connect – as the verse says, “All my limbs will speak your praise / prayer” and this is why our sages say, “If the Torah is one with your 248 organs then it is kept, but if not, it is not” for forgetfulness is a trait of the Kelipah, the animal soul.

Kelipas Noga at times is elevated into Kedusha / holiness… when we we weaken it’s power and place all our energy in holiness, in the words of Torah or prayer.

In addition, the energy of the animal Soul which one uses to say the words of Torah or prayer etc. or doing a physical Mitzvah – it’s entire growth and energy from the blood which comes from Kelipas Nogah, which comes from all the food and drink that a person eats and drinks and turns into his blood, which was previously under the dominion of the Kelipah and it’s life force – but now (by using the energy for a Mitzvah) it transforms from evil to good, and becomes part of goodness.

This occurs through the power of the animal soul which grows from this good, and has gone into the letters or action Mitzvah which is the inner will of God with no concealment.

And this Divine energy now includes the animal soul and therefore through this one action one elevates the generality of all the Kelipa which is the general life force of this physical world. When Every Soul and Godly soul in the Jewish people which subdivides particularly into 600,000 (souls) fulfills The 613 Mitzvos, thereby separating the 365 prohibitions in order to ensure that the blood of the animal soul in the body should not receive its energy through a sin.

For every sin draws from the three completely impure Kelipahs and then the animal Soul cannot elevate to God if it receives bad impurity… it can never get elevated… rather it must disappear… as it says, “The evil spirit I will remove from the world.”

The 248 “Do Commandments” draw down Divine Light below to elevate and unite one’s Divine soul which contains 248 spiritual limbs which corresponds with the 248 physical limbs, with a complete unity, to become completely one as it rose in God’s will to have a dwelling below, and they then become a Merkavah / vehicle of Divine expression as our forefathers were.

And as the general animal soul in the generality of the Jewish people is a vehicle for the Holiness of God – then the general life force of this world which comes from Kelipas Nogah will leave it’s impurity and illness and elevate to Holiness to become an expression of God, in His revelation of His glory and all people together will see this and His glorious Majesty and strength will fill the entire Earth and Jews will see, “Eye to eye” as we saw at the giving of the Torah, as it says, “You have shown us clearly that God is the Lord, there is nothing besides Him.”

Through this, the three impure Kelipahs will be completely swallowed up and annihilated – for they only exist from drawing energy from holiness.

They use the agency of Kelipas Nogah which is an intermediary between holiness and them.

This means that the entire purpose of the days of Moshiach and Techiyas Hameisim, which is the revelation of the glory and Godliness of God and the removal of impurity from the earth depends on drawing down God and His Infinite light to the animal soul and the generality of the Jewish people through fulfilling the 248 Mitzvos and to remove the impurity from it by the keeping of the 365 prohibitions in order that the Kelipah should not draw any energy.

For the generality of the Jewish souls is subdivided into the 600,000 specific souls which is the general life force of entire universe as it was created for them.

And every detail of them (this probably refers to each individual soul – the energy of 600,000 souls) are the general life force of the world and when one individual elevates to God – in other words uses his body for God for example when he eats and drinks etc. And his home and all his furniture is used for God – so in this way he elevates them and his part to God

Now each one of these 600,000 souls are actually source souls, and every source Divides into another 600,000 Sparks and each spark is a complete soul – and the same applies to the category of Nefesh and Ruach in each universe of the four universes of Atzilus, Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah. And the the purpose of the descent of each spark into this world, though it is a very great descent is exclusively for this cause.

For even if a person would be a complete Tzaddik, that he serves God with constant fear and love, even the love of delight, he will not achieve the greatness of the connection to God with love and fear that he had prior to descending into the physical corporal world.

In fact there is no comparison to the love and fear felt in this world – in contrast to the love / fear felt in the higher world, as is known to anybody who is deep – that the body cannot handle such a high level of Love – rather the purpose of The soul’s descent to this world is to come into a body and an animal soul, in order to rectify them and separate them from the evil of the three impure Kelipahs, through the keeping of the 365 prohibitions and their offshoots and to elevate the soul, and one’s part of the world, (which encompasses 1/600,000th of the universe) and to connect them to the infinite light of God – which we do by fulfilling the 248 positive Commandments with our animal Soul, which is the one who actually does the physical Mitzvos, as mentioned earlier and as mentioned (in Eitz Chayim Gateway 26.)

The soul itself does not need to be rectified at all – the only reason it comes into this world is in order to draw light into the body, and ones material objects, in order to elevate them – and this is literally similar to the secret of the exile of the Shechina – which descends and is concealed in physical matter.

Now we can understand why our sages were so extraordinarly in awe of the Mitzvah of Tzeddakah.

The sages said that the Mitzvah of charity is equal to all the other Mitzvahs, and whenever it mentions charity in the Talmud Yerushalmy it just calls it “Mitzvah” – That was the common practice then, to call Charity “Mitzvah,” for charity is the main physical Mitzvah – in fact it is much greater than all of them!! for all of them were given only to elevate the animal soul to God – for as it the animal soul that actually performs the Mitzvah, therefore it gets elevated into the Divine Light which is within the Mitzvah – and there is no other Mitzvah which the animal soul is more involved in, as in the Mitzvah of charity, for in all Mitzvahs one only places one part of the animal Soul at the time of doing it, such as your hand for Teffilin or Shabbos candle lighting – but when we give charity,… as the entire soul was involved in making this money – it is then in the Mitzvah of charity and therefore the entire person elevates to God and even one who doesn’t have difficulty with earning money or perhaps because inheritance etc. nevertheless because you could have used this money to purchase food, it is as if he is giving his very animal soul to God.

And therefore our sages say that “Charity hastens the redemption,” as a little bit of Charity, converts much of the animal soul – which could never have been elevated even with many other physical Mitzvahs.

As to what our sages teach, that “Torah studying is equivalent to all the Commandments,” this is only because Torah is speech and thoughts which are more inner garments / expressions of the animal soul.

In addition as Torah is Divine intelligence, therefore it converts the animal soul’s intelligence to Divine.

This is nonwithstanding the fact that though one studies Torah, the animal soul’s emotions may not transform in the Benoini – whom cannot convert them to Holiness, because the evil is too strong and overpowers the intelligence… as the emotions have a greater capacity to draw from the side of the light as is known to Kabbalah Masters.

There’s another benefit to Torah study which is something that truly does exceed the other Mitzvos – based on what we said earlier in the name of the Tikkunim, that the 248 Mitzvos is the limbs of the king / God – just as man below has no comparison between the life force in the 248 organs, relative to the life force in the mind – which is the brain that subdivides into three levels of Chochmah, Binah and Daas; similarly for example, though hundreds of thousands times to the point of infinity higher/removed, is the radiance of the Divine Light in physical Mitzvos relative to the light of God within the wisdom of the Torah, which comes to each person based on their mind’s ability to understand.

And even though he only understands it a very physical way, nonetheless the Torah is actually compared to water which descends from a high place to a low place etc.

Despite all of this our sages teach that it is not study that is the main thing, but action, and today is the era of action -and it states, “Now is the time of action,” and furthermore, we abrogate Torah study in order to fulfill a Mitzvah that nobody else will do – because this is the ultimate point of Man’s soul coming to this world! That God should have a dwelling below.

To convert the darkness to light and then the glory of God will fill the entire Earth and all together will recognize.

However if a Mitzvah can be done through another person, than we focus on Torah study (though the entire study of Torah is but Mitzvos…) this is because Torah is the intellectual infinite light of God, and when we study Torah we draw upon us an incredible and infinitely higher Divine light than the light which descends through the Mitzvos.

This is why Rav Sheishes said, “Rejoice my soul, For you I study the Torah.”

Now the drawing down that a person draws the light of God on their soul and souls of all the Jewish people, this is called the Shechina, The House of Israel – the source of all Jewish souls through the Torah is called “calling,” hence the term (for Torah study) “Calling Torah / Koireh…) For when one studies Torah one calls God to Him as one who’s calling friends to come to him or as a small son call to his father to come to him, to unite with him and not to be separated that he shouldn’t be alone – as it says, “God is close to all who call him…” To all who call him with truth. And truth refers to Torah – In contrast is one who calls him without Torah but just shouts “Father” “Father…” as the prophet laments, that people call not God by his “name” as mentioned elsewhere. And from the above an intelligent person can cause a great reverence for God when they study Torah.