Tanya In Simple EnglishChapter 36

Now it is well known what our sages teach that the entire purpose of the creation of the world, is that God desired to dwell here below.

Now we cannot say that God specifically wishes to be below – for there is no higher and lower – for He is equally the source of everything.

Rather the matter is that before He created this world, He and He alone was the only entity, and filled the very space which this world exists in.

Similarly this is the case now as well.

The only difference exists in perception.

In other words, to God there is no difference – whereas to us there is.

For we receive His Divine energy only after it is concealed, as the intensity of the light would be too great.

As the verse states, “For man cannot see me and remain alive.”

As our Sages teach, that even the angels which are called “Chayous” (which are very high Angels) cannot see God.

And this is the purpose of the descent of the light through the spiritual universes – descending level after level, through many concealments… of the life and energy that comes from God.

To the extent that this physical tangible world which is the lowest level of creation, in terms of concealing the visible light of God, is created.

It is so low as to give rise to the Kelipah and the other side which literally oppose God, claiming to be self-sufficient, as well as all-encompassing entities.

Now the point of this descent and the light going low, to the extent that it gets concealed – obviously is not for the higher universes (where there is greater light) for even there, relative to the Infinite Essence of God, it is all darkness.

Rather the purpose of this physical world is: for so it arose in the will of God to feel a great pleasure when we squash the other side / the Kelipah, and we transform darkness to light.

Namely that the infinite light of God could shine in the very location of darkness and the other side – that this entire world should be filled with His essential light, as the benefit of a greater rebound light which comes specifically from the darkness – and this light is actually even more intense than the highest light in the highest worlds! for even there the light must also come through concealments – for if it were to come as it is without any concealments, the entities in those worlds would be subsumed / consumed in its intensity.

It is for this reason that God has given the Jewish people the Torah.

For the Torah is called strength and ability.

As our sages say, that God gives Tzaddikim the ability to receive their reward in the time to come.

In other words, they need a power / shield to protect them that this great light should not subsume them out of existence.

As it states, that when Moshiach comes, God’s essence will be revealedl!

“Your eyes will see your master!” and it says, “Eye to eye you will see God” and it says, “The sun will not be your light etc. for God Himself will be your everlasting Light.”

It is known that the era of Moshiach, and especially when the dead will be resurrected, this is the ultimate goal and completion and purpose of the creation of this world.

This is the reason why the world was created, for the revelation of this light.

And this already occurred on a minor scale during the giving of the Torah, as it says, “That you saw clearly that God is your Lord, and there is no other.”

This means that the Jewish people literally saw this – as it says, that the people saw the voice of God – “that they saw what is normally heard” – and as our sages say, they were able to look to the east and see the voice saying “I am God etc.”

So too, they saw from all directions and from above and below – as it states in the Tikkunim, that there was no place that the voice of God did not emanate from.

This is because the revelation of God’s will which is within the Ten Commandments which is the generality of the Torah is The Essential Will of God and His wisdom and there is no concealment from this will – as it states, “In the light at your face, you have given us the living Torah.”

And therefore the Jews literally ceased to exist… as the sages say, “Every time God spoke, their souls fled their bodies.”

But God returned their souls to their bodies with the secret dew that He will use to revive the dead in the future.

And this is “the dew of the Torah” which is called strength / power – as our sages say, “whoever studies Torah, the dew of the Torah revives them.”

It is only that afterwards due to their sin, they became low as well as the world did – until the time of Moshiach, when the physical body and the world will be refined and we will be able to receive the revelation of God’s light.

This light will come to the Jewish people through the Torah which is called strength.

From the additional radiance that will shine to the Jewish people, the nations of the world will receive light as well.

As it states, “The Nations will go in your light.”

And it states, “That the revelation of God will be revealed, and all will see together.”

And it says that, “People will hide in crevices of rocks, due to their fear of God, and the Majesty of His glory.”

And it says that, “He will shine with tremendous power and glory on all inhabitants of Earth.”