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Tanya In Simple English Chapter 34

It is well known that the forefathers were a Merkavah / vehicle to fulfill the Divine will.

All the days of their lives, they continuously bound their knowledge and soul to the Creator with this contemplation, that He and the universe and they are all one.

Following them all the prophets, each based on the level of their soul and comprehension, did likewise.

The level of Moses our Master was beyond all of them, for it said about him, that God spoke through his voice.

Something similar to this revelation (awareness) the Jewish people received at Mount Sinai.

However they were not able to maintain this awareness – as our sages say, that in each revelation their souls departed and had to be revived.

This is the concept of Bittul Bemitzius – to become one with the Divine energy.

As they could not maintain this awareness, they were commanded to make a Mishkan and in it to the Holy of Holies so that the Divinity of God – the Shechina, which is a revelation of the unity of God, could reside.

And when after the Holy Temple was destroyed our sages say, God’s presence dwells in the study of Torah laws – for this is His will and wisdom, as they were laid out in the laws of the code of Jewish law.

As such, after a person considers how the entire universe is one with God as mentioned – then a person should say to themselves “as my mind and the source of My Soul Is not Great enough, to continuously hold this concept and to be a continuous vehicle for the oneness of God” as in actual truth no mind can truly grasp God at all – in any way shape or form! and can ever reach the understanding of Forefathers and Prophets – as such, I will cause that I will be be a Mishkan / dwelling place for God, when I study Torah, using the free time I have, to set scheduled study times, every morning and every evening – as is the law of how much to Study – and as I say even but one chapter in the morning and evening…. In this my heart will be filled with joy and I will give great thanks on how fortunate I am, with a joy and glad heart, that I have been privileged to host God many times or twice during the day – based on the time God has given me and if there is extra time, I will add extra Torah study. And even the time that one works, one can be a home and a Mishkan for God, as when you give charity, which is one of the attributes of God “As He is compassionate, so must we” as it states in Tikkunim “Chessed / kindness is God’s right hand” and though I may possibly only be giving a fifth of my income, but this elevates the other 4/5 to God – causing that all the time that went into making the money, all becomes a fitting dwelling for God, as our sages teach, that the commandment to give charity is equivalent to all the sacrifices! and we know that by sacrifices, that all animals would be elevated to God, through the single one that was sacrificed… similarly all the vegetation would elevate through a single tenth of an Eifah of fine flour mixed with oil etc.

In addition whenever we study Torah and prayer, everything that we eat and drink and have pleasure from to sustain our body, elevates up to God, as we will discuss later.

Now all the specific joys of the soul that we have just mentioned, do not prevent one from simultaneously seeing oneself as despicable and having a broken and humble heart and simultaneously rejoicing – as the cause of the self repulsion is based on the evil of the animal soul in the body, while the source of the joy comes from The Godly soul and the spark of God which is in it – that causes it to be alive, as mentioned before in (Chapter 31) and this is similar to what it states in the Zohar that one should have crying in one side of the heart, and rejoicing the other side of the heart.

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