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Tanya In Simple English Chapter 32

Now by doing all of these things, namely that one’s body should be despicable in their eyes and one’s Joy should only be the joy of the Soul – this is an easy way to achieve the fulfillment of the Mitzvah “To Love Your Fellow Jew,” including each and every single Jew, from the greatest to the smallest.

As one’s body is despicable to themselves – but the Soul and Spirit, it is impossible to estimate it’s greatness in its source in God-Himself.

And therefore those who consider the body most important but their soul not as important – they can never have true love, for their love being intrinsically selfish as the body is, is only based on something that is in it for themselves – in contrast All souls at the source are one; and they have one father! and therefore all Jews are literally brothers and sisters, based on their singular source in God, only their bodies are separate.

And this is what Hillel the Elder meant when he said regarding the Mitzvah to love your fellow Jew – “This is the entire Torah, and the rest is only the explanation of it.”

As the very premise and basis of the entire Torah is to make what is most dominant and important in your life, Your SOUL – in contrast to your body, and in fact, realize, that your soul is the source of all universes – and also to draw the Divine Infinity into the general soul of all Jews, as we will speak about in further chapters – in other words, in the source of all Jewish souls, that this unity of God and source of Jewish souls, like two flames in one fire, merge.

However if there is a separation God-forbid in the souls, then God cannot dwell in a broken palace, as it is written “Bless us God, Bless us our father, Bless us as one. Bless us with the light of your face,” as we spoke about elsewhere at length – in other words, when we are one; is the ability for Divinity to penetrate and unite with us.

And this that it is written in the Gemarah that a person who sees that his friend sins, it is a Mitzvah to hate him and also to tell his Rabbi to hate him, this only refers to a colleague in Torah and Mitzvahs – in addition the individual has already reprimanded or tried to educate them and nonetheless they refuse to cease sinning as spoken about in The Book of Chareidim – however anyone who is not a friend / colleague… then you must apply what Hillel the Elder said, “Be like the students of Aaron, Love peace, Love people and draw them close to the Torah” in other words, even somebody who is so distant from God’s Torah and His service and he’s only referred to by the very fact that he is a creation of God alone, must be loved with great ropes of love; and maybe you can cause them to also study Torah and serve God, but even if you’re unsuccessful, you have still fulfilled the mitzvah To love him / your fellow.

And those who are close to you and you have reprimanded them and they have not stop sinning, where there is a Mitzvah to hate them, it is also simultaneous a Mitzvah to love them.

Now both of these can coexist, because one can be upset about the bad in another and love another based on their intrinsic goodness which is the Divine soul that is giving life to their Godly soul, and one can also have great compassion for them in their hearts – as The Godly soul is in exile in the evil of the Sitra Achara of this person who is dominated the wicked; and compassion eliminates anger/hate and it causes the Awakening of love – as is known, from what is written, that ” Jacob is compassion, Abraham is love” and whereas love may sometimes turn to hate / anger – compassion turns anger back to love (and King David who said “I hate those who hate you God, was referring only to the willful deniers of God who have no part in the GOD of Israel as it says in the Talmud the beginning of chapter 16 of Shabbos.)

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