Tanya In Simple English Chapter 33

In addition a person can have soul Joy, true Joy – particularly when he sees that he needs to add in joy through contemplating, imagining, and understanding how God is truly one in this universe! How He fills all details and aspects and creations above and below, and even in this physical world His presence is here!

And compared to Him everything is as if it doesn’t exist!!

In actual fact, He alone is the only existence, both above and below, and this is literally true!

His existence today is exactly as it was before anything was created, and even in this physical location, He was the only Being filling this space; and just as this was prior to Creation, so too is it now after creation – there’s absolutely no difference from before and after – the reason for this is because all created beings are nothing, and are subsumed within His existence as letters of speech which though they have their own identity as well as letters of thought, but as they exist within the soul as a desire or as an intellect – in other words a conceptual premise or emotion, there they have no actual physical defined letters – in other words before it’s entered into thinking about it (as we discussed in chapter 20, 21 at length, see there.)

And as we also wrote an example, like a ray of light of the Sun that was in the Sun, it must also be shining (and with far greater strength, intensity, luminosity there…) but there it is nothing, for it is one with the Sun – in a similar sense, the entire universe is nothing related to its source – which is the infinite light of God, as we discussed there at length.

Now when a person thinks deeply into this, his heart will be filled with joy and his soul will rejoice a great joy in this faith, for it is a wondrous thing – as this Faith itself creates a great bond with God, and in fact this is the entire purpose of man and the existence of all the universes above and below – that God should dwell within this world, as we will relate at length later.

Now how great would be the joy of a simple and low person when a great king would connect to him and live with him in his home! How much infinitely more so when you consider that through this meditation you are getting connected to the King of all Kings, God; as it states, “Who is he whose heart would be so bold to approach me, says God.”

And this is why our sages instituted to offer praise to God’s Holy Name every morning, and to say “How fortunate are we and how lucky is our portion and how beautiful is our inheritance…” in other words, just like a person would rejoice in an inheritance that he found, a great treasure which he worked not for – how much infinitely more so should he be joyful in the inheritance that God has given us, which is the unity of God, that even in this world there’s nothing but God… and this is how He actually dwells here…. through having this contemplation; and this is what our sages say, that there are 613 Mitzvahs given to the Jewish people, and Chabakuk the prophet came and he founded them all on one; as he says, “A Tzaddik / righteous person lives by his faith.” In other words, imagine as if you only have a single Mitzvah which is this Faith itself!

For through this faith you will come to fulfill all the other 613 – In other words when your heart will rejoice in this true faith, how God is completely one, this will cause a great rejoicing – imagine it is the only reason why you were created, and the creation of all the universes is to have this contemplation!

So then with the power of this energy from this Joy, your soul will lift itself above all restrictions, of not doing the 613 Mitzvos, both internal and external – and this is the wording of Chabakuk that “He will live with his faith” and the terminology indicates “it will cause life,” like resurrection of the Dead for example – so too his soul will be resurrected through this great joy and in fact it is a double joy!, For besides the fact that his soul feels the great pleasure that God is close and living with him… furthermore he should feel Joy for God! that this causes God a great joy! For through this the Kelipa is subdued, and in fact converts to light.

In other words the darkest Kelipah which is in this world that conceals the light of God, until the coming of Moshiach, as it says “The end of darkness has come”. In other words, this is the final moments of exile, when the impure spirit has left this world – the glory of God is revealed – and all people will see together, as we will discuss later, and this great joy is especially in the land of the gentiles that the air is impure
… and filled with Kelipa and Sitra Achara; for There Is no greater Joy to God like the light and the joy that comes from the darkness itself!

In other words, when you have this contemplation in the gentile lands – and you bring the light of God…. this gives God great joy and this is what it says, that every Jew should rejoice in God!

In other words, that every single Jew you should take great joy in God’s pleasure that He has Joy when He dwells below in this physical world and this is why it speaks about God’s rejoicing in what He created, in a plural sense – which is this physical world that is filled with many Kelipas, which are called the public domain, and division – and they get converted to light, and they become a single domain / Dominion for the unity of the one God through this contemplation!!