Tanya In Simple English Chapter 29

We also have to advise the Benoinim, for from time to time, and actually often, their hearts is like a Stone (Cold / unfeeling) and they cannot open it up to feel Godliness during prayer.

And also at times they’re not able to fight with their Yetzer Hara to withstand desires which are permissible, because their heart is heavy.

So the solution is mentioned in the Holy Zohar “that the Rabbi of the heavenly Academy said that a long that the light / fire does not catch, must be broken into smaller pieces.”

“A body that the light of the Soul does not catch, must be broken up / humbled.”

Explanation of the light of the Soul – is that the soul and the mind cannot shine strong enough to overcome the body’s desires.

And even though a person understands and meditates on the greatness of God, nevertheless it doesn’t penetrate the mind to the extent that it can actually control the behavior.

The reason for this is, because the Kelipa is very arrogant and it raises herself over the light of Divinity and the holiness of The Godly soul, and conceals / darkens her light.

Therefore one must break and humiliate her to the ground – this means to make times to humiliate oneself, that one considers oneself utterly repulsive, as the verse says, “A broken heart, and a broken spirit.”

This refers to the Sitra Achara, which is actually the person themselves in the Benoini, for their life giving (animal) Soul which gives life to their body is as strong as it was in their heart when they were born – in other words it is who the person actually is.

Now The Godly soul within the person – it says, “The soul which you placed within me is pure.”

The terminology “within Me” indicates that the person himself is not this pure soul.

By the Tzaddikim it is the opposite – where the pure soul is who they are, and the body is called a body of man.

This is what Hillel the Elder said to his students, when he would go eat, that he was going to do a favor with “a poor disgraced person” he was referring to his body.

For he saw his body as a stranger and therefore he said that he is going to do a kindness to it by feeding it, as he himself was his Godly soul – for only she was giving life to his body and flesh – as the evil that was in the life-giving animal Soul which was in his blood and flesh had been converted to good and become merged with the Holiness of the Godly soul, as is the case with Tzaddikim.

However by a Benoin, as the essence of The Life giving animal soul from the Sitra Achara which is in his blood and flesh has not converted to good, therefore it is considered the person.

And as such, He is exceedingly distant from God, for the force of desire in the animal Soul, can also desire things that are forbidden and contradict the desire of God.

Even though he doesn’t wish to actually do them, but they are not repulsive to him like by a Tzaddik, as explained earlier in chapter 12.

In this he is worse than actually unkosher animals and insects and worms, as mentioned earlier – as the verse says, “I am a worm but not a man.”

(And even when his Godly soul strengthens itself to inspire him to love God during prayer – it is not a complete infinite love – as it dissipates after prayer, as mentioned before the end of chapter 13.)

Especially when a person considers the sins of wasting seed which often they did when they were younger – and the deep stain that this causes in heaven.

And there time doesn’t exist, so it is as if the sin and stain has happened God-forbid today.

And even though he already repented properly, nonetheless repentance is in the heart and there are many levels to repentance – and therefore depending on the person’s current standing and the time and space and therefore as one sees that at this moment the light of his soul is not firing up his body… it’s a sign that his repentance was not accepted today… and his sins are separating him… or possibly God wishes to create a greater Teshuvah.
And therefore King David said, “My sin is always before me.”

And also one who is free from any sin of wasting seed should consider to do what is said in the Holy Zohar, to do a self-reflection of all the thoughts and speech and actions which occurred from when they were born until today – to see if they were all from the side of holiness or the side of impurity God-forbid.

This means, all the thoughts and speech and actions which were not dedicated to God and His will and service which is the explanation of “the other side” as mentioned earlier (in chapter 6.)

Now it is well-known that whenever a person thinks holy thoughts he becomes a vehicle / vessel at that time to the holy realms in heaven, where these thoughts emanate from – but likewise if he thinks unholy thoughts, he becomes a vehicle / vessel for the unholy realms, from where the bad thoughts and speech and actions emanate from.

Furthermore a person should consider most of their dreams which are ridiculous… because his soul is not elevating high in heaven when he goes to sleep – as the verse says, “Who will go up to the mountain of God, one has pure hands and a clean heart.”

This is caused by the bad forces which attach themselves to him and give him bad dreams and often they mock him like telling him falsehoods and pain him in his dreams, as stated in the Zohar Vayikra (page 25) see there at length.

Now the more a person will think about these matters and contemplate them as well as seek in holy writings about it, to create a broken / humble heart and reach the level of being disgusting with oneself – as it’s written “complete disgust” literally being repulsed from their own life – in this way they humble / humiliate the Sitra Achara and cause it to fall to the ground – they denigrate her from her heights and arrogant spirit and arrogance that she elevates herself over the Holiness of the soul, to darken its light.

Additionally a person should shout with a loud voice filled with anger to lower her as our sages say, a person should always thunder against his animal soul, which is his Yetzer Hara with a loud thunderous and angry voice in his head saying that “you are evil, you are wicked, you’re disgusting, you’re repulsive…” including all the names that our sages called it, which is true… “how long will you conceal the light of the infinite God which fills all the worlds – past, present and future equally – even in this location that I am right now! like it says, that “the light of God is here as it was before the world was created” without any differences – it says “I am God that has not changed” but He is higher than time etc. and you are reprehensible etc. you deny this truth which is obvious that before Him everything is nothing, including this space that I am in now – for God is beyond time and you are repulsive by denying an obvious truth that God is everywhere.”

Now through this it will assist The Godly soul to shine and enlightened one’s eyes about the true unity of God and comprehended it clearly, for this is the source of serving God.

The reason for this is, for in truth there is no substance at all to the dark side – which is why it is called dark – because it has no substance at all and therefore automatically becomes banished in the face of light.

The reason for this is because there is no actual substance to the Sitra Achara, the other side, which is why it is compared to darkness that has no existence of its own, and therefore it automatically disappears when light shines.

So also the Sitra Achara, even though it has tremendous amount of life force, that can give life to all the unkosher animals and also the gentiles and also the animal soul of the Jew – nonetheless all of this energy does not come from itself God-forbid rather than the side of holiness as mentioned above, and as such it is completely subservient to the Holiness, like the subservience of darkness before physical light.

It is just that,to the holiness of The Godly soul within man, God has given a permission and ability to cast it’s Shadow – in order to overcome her and put her down to the ground through self-humiliation and self-repulsion.

And when man makes a move below… then God reacts above, to fulfill the verse, “From there I will cast it down” I swear says God.

This means, he removes her power and ability to darken the light of the Holiness of The Godly soul and then automatically it disappears, like darkness before physical light.

And there’s a clear example of this in the Torah – with the story of the spies, for first the Jews said that they couldn’t conquer the land because the people were stronger…. And the sages say, “They meant to say, not only stronger than them… but God…” that they did not believe in God’s power to conquer the Nations – yet later they retracted and said “Come let us go…” so how did they suddenly find faith in the power of God?
as no new sign was shown to them through Moses in the intern – the only thing that happened was Moses told them that God was angry at them and swore not to allow them to come into the land… – so if the people didn’t believe in God’s power, how would this change their mind? But in actual fact, every Jew is a believer in God – it is only that the Sitra Achara that is in their body causes a darkness over The Godly Soul’s light and therefore immediately when God shouted at them in a thunderous voice and said, “How long will I put up with this evil congregation?!!” “in this desert your corpses will fall!!” “I am God who has promised, and I will do this to his entire evil congregation!” so when they heard such harsh words, their hearts became humbled and “the people mourned greatly” and therefore the Sitra Achara fell from her arrogance.

For the Jews by nature are believers (in other words, once the darkness dissipated, their true nature came out.)

Now anybody can realize that when they have thoughts of doubts of God, they are the foolishness of the other side which is arrogant and causing itself to be greater than The Godly Soul – however every Jew by nature believes.

In actual fact, even the Sitra Achara has no doubts about God – it’s only that it was given permission to confuse the person with lies and deceit in order to encourage his reward – as the seduction of the harlot who entices the prince… trying to seduce him through lies and deceit in the employ of the king, who is testing his son as mentioned in the Holy Zohar.

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