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Tanya in Simple English 22

Chapter 22

Now the Torah, when it speaks about the “words” / “speech” of God, it uses the term “speech,” because it is employing human terminology.

Now in truth, it really is the idea of speech, that the Divine energy goes through many many contractions / Tzimtzumim, to give life and create the many types of beings and the different species.

This contraction is so great, to the extent that it can even create things that are not kosher and Kelipah and the other side…. and they can receive their energy and existence from the word of God – and the breath of his mouth.

This is why they are called “false gods”, because they draw energy from the back side of holiness and not from its face.

The meaning of the “back side,” is just like if a person had to give something against his will, to his enemy – he would throw it over his shoulders, for he is facing away from his enemy, as he hates him – so too, the true will of God is referred to as God’s “face.”

God desires, and His true will is, to give life and energy to those who are close to Him, from the side of holiness.

But the Sitra Achara and impurity is repulsive to God, and he hates it – he only gives them energy from the backside, like one throwing it over his shoulders to an enemy, against his will.

The reason for so doing is to punish the wicked and give reward to the Tzaddikim that conquer the dark side, and this is called the back of the desire of God (in other words, He does it for an ulterior / deeper reason.)

Now the will of God on the level of “face,” is the source of Life – which gives life to all the worlds, and as this level does not reside in the Sitra Achara – even the back side of the will of God is not within them – rather hovers above them – therefore they are actually a place of death and impurity, God should save us.

For the little bit of light and energy that they receive within them, from the back part of holiness is considered as in exile within them – as the secret of the exile of the Shechina.

This is why they are called false gods, because this is literally idolatry and rejecting the oneness of God – for God’s light and energy of Holiness is in exile within them, and they are not completely humble to the holiness of God.

On the contrary, they elevate themselves like an eagle, saying “I, and I alone exist,” as Pharaoh said, “The Nile is mine and I made it.”

And therefore our sages say, that arrogance is compared to literally idolatry.

For the source of idolatry and it’s main idea is that something consideres itself separate from the holiness of God.

It is not necessarily that it denies the existence of God, as it says in the Gemarah, they call God, “the God of Gods…” rather they also consider themselves as an independent entity/identity.

And in this way they separate themselves from the Holiness of God, as they are not completely humble to Him.

For God’s holiness resides only on that which is humble to Him, as mentioned earlier.

Therefore they’re called “separate ways” in the Holy Zohar.

And this is a contradiction and a rebellion against the true oneness of God… For really nothing exists… and everything to Him is nothing, as well as relative to His desire which causes it to exist, and causes its existence to come from non existence into existence, every moment.

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