Tanya in simple English – Chapter 21

God is different to a person – for a person when he speaks, the breath of his speech is felt and sensed as something separate from its source – which as mentioned, is the 10 Soul levels (that give birth to the idea and desire, that turns into the letters of speech).

However God’s speech never separates outside of Him God-forbid – for there is nothing outside of Him, and there is no space devoid of Him.

And therefore His speech is not like our speech, God-forbid.

(Just as His thoughts are not like our thoughts – as it says “my thoughts are not like your thoughts… as high as heaven is above Earth… so are my ways beyond yours etc.”)

It is only the term speech is used to give us an example…. That just like human speech reveals to a listener what which was previously hidden in the thoughts of the speaker…. Simalerly the speech of God represents the light, the energy and life-force that emanates from Him, from a concealed state to manifest universes, and give them light.

These are the 10 sayings through which the world was created…. and simalerly all the rest of the Torah and the Prophets and the the Writings namely the prophecies that the prophets perceived in visual format – ( were all Revelations – revealing wisdom previously concealed.)

Now the speech and thought of God are so to say one with Him in a complete unity – just as for example the speech and thought of a person is within the individual, while it still remains in his intellect…. or just a desire in his heart, (before it went up to the mind to conceptualize how to attain it.)

Simalerly God’s speech and thought are one, with a complete unity in His essence, even after it causes the creation of the universes – just as it was one with Him before the creation of the universes.

There is absolutely no difference within Him at all – it is only relative to the creations, that receive energy from His speech. (So for us there is a difference between before and after these words were said.)

These words place themselves within the creations to give them life-force through descending from level to level – the many contractions / Tzimtzumim, until the individual creations can receive their life-force and existence from these letters / energy and not simultaneously dissipate out of existence.

So every contraction and Tzimtzum is a concealment of light, to conceal the light and life-force which comes from the speech of God, that it should not be too revealed… to the extent that the creations would not be able to handle it.

As such, it also appears that this light and life -force and speech of God which is within them is as if it is a separate entity from God’s essence.

However relative to God that there is no concealment nor Tzimtzum or contraction, that can conceal Himself – and darkness and Light are like one to Him, as it says “darkness does not create dark to him” for the Tzimtzum and concealment are not separate entities to Him God-forbid, rather like a snail that it’s shell is part of it – like the verse says “God is Eloikim” in other words, the revealed light is the concealed light -as it says elsewhere… and therefore before God, everything is as it doesn’t exist.

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