Chapter 19 Tanya

To explain in greater detail how it is very easy for every Jew to do all of Torah and Mitzvahs, even love of God; we must explain the verse “The candle of God is the soul of man” – in other words, the Jewish people that are called man/Adam, that their souls are like a candles / flame, which is continuously flickering and ascending Heavenward, because the light of the fire seek naturally and instinctively to leave the wick, and to connect to her source above – the source of fire which is under the lunar circumference – as it speaks about in Eitz Chayim.

Now this is despite the fact that if it does so, it will be extinguished and it will not shine at all below – and even above in its source, it’s light will be subsumed within its source – in other words, it will lose any independent identity, nevertheless this is it’s natural desire.

In a similar sense, the soul of man and also the level of Ruach and Nefesh, desire by their very nature to go out of the body and to connect to the source God – the source of all life Blessed Be He – even though there it will not have any independent existence at all – nevertheless this is its desire and instinct. Now the word instinct is a borrowed word – for instinct is a borrowed term, for it refers to any type of desire that has no logical basis.

Simalerly here too, the point is that it’s desire – and this will, is not logical and cannot be comprehended and understood – rather transcends logic and this is the Chochmah in the soul – in which the Infinite Light of God is present.

And this is a great principle: the side of Holiness is that which comes only from Chochmah, which is called “supernal holiness” which is completely humble to the Infinite Light of God, which is in it and it’s not a separate identity at all – and therefore it is called the power of what / nothingness – this is the exact opposite of Kelipah and Sitra Achara, that The souls of the nations of the world who do things for self gratification and say “I want more” “feed me” – they are independent egos, as mentioned earlier.

This is the opposite of the level of Chochmah, and therefore they are called the living Dead for Chochmah gives life.

So also the wicked and sinners of the Jewish people, before they come to a test of giving their lives for God – this level of Chochmah and The Godly soul, with the spark of God in it – and the infinite light which is in it, is literally in exile in their body – the animal soul, which comes from the Kelipa, and the left side of the heart which controls their body, which is the secret of the exile of the Shechina as mentioned.

And therefore this love and The Godly Soul which desires to attach itself to God, the source of all life – it is called a hidden love, for it is hidden and covered by the sack of Kelipah, that it is in the sinners of Israel – this is where the foolish idea to sin comes from.

As our sages say, nobody sins, unless a foolish premise enters them.

However this exile of the level of Chochmah is only on the part that spreads into the soul to give it life (and goes into the left side of the heart) but the source of Chochmah, and The Godly soul which is in the mind, and doesn’t come into the sack of Kelipah and the left side of the heart is like it is sleeping in the wicked, and it is not affecting them, as they are busy pursuing their pleasures of this world.

But when they come to an actual test of faith – which transcends the foolish desires and it touches the core of the soul to the point of Chochmah within her, then she wakes up from her sleep and affects what needs to be affected, with the power of God which is in it – this is what it says that “he woke up, as if God was sleeping” – in other words, the person withstands the test on their faith in God and without any logical reason they overcome the Kelipa and the desires of the world, even things they were accustomed to their whole life and they despise them, and choose God, even giving their lives for His Holy name.

This is despite the fact that the Kelipah has been over them their whole life, and they couldn’t overcome it, as the sages say “the wicked are in the domain of the hearts” – nevertheless when it comes to a test of faith in God, which is based in the Holy Heights – which is the level of The Godly soul, in which the Infinite Light of God reigns – and all the Kelipah are like nothing compared – and they are as if they don’t exist – relative to one’s love for God – like it says “all the nations are like nothing compared to him etc.” it says “Behold your enemies, the enemies will be dissipated” and says “they will melt.”

Now this Infinite Light of God which is in the Chochmah of the Soul – it’s power is very great; it banishes the Sitra Achara and Kelipah that they cannot even affect the thought speech and action in one’s faith in God – in other words a person withstands all tests, and they give their life to God – even not to God forbid do a single action against the faith in God – for example to bow down to idols – even though they don’t believe in it at all – or to speak against the unity of God, even if he was just pretending and his heart was truly one with God! And this is called the fear that includes within it love which is the natural love, that the Godly soul that wishes to connect to its source, to the Infinite Light of God, and because of this love it is afraid to be infected in any way from the impurity of idolatry – which is against the faith in God, even to rebel in ones outer garments, which is speech and action without any faith in it whatsoever.