There are three things that are the obvious facts – fact number one, is just like a computer game is always being generated by the computer and today you have games that you play from the internet… so without the internet, you don’t have a game – so too this universe doesn’t exist, it only exists because the Creator brings it constantly into existence! And so that means that this is just the Creator’s game, and if it’s a game, it has a reason – and the reason is that the Creator loves you so much – that this causes Him, because He’s infinite, to create this game; Causes Him to give you advice; and if you listen to His advice, You Win The Game

Heisenberg said that atoms are not things… they are tendencies… now if as the very word atom, which is the Latin word for the smallest indivisible part…. is actually not a part… it is a possibility… then each and every person, which is a much more sophisticated mechanism…. is also