There are three questions in life – the first is to what extent do you think that the world, which is popping in and out of existence… which is in a wave format, until you look at it.. like in toy story… then it becomes stationary… is a permanent fixture? – or you realize that it is just God’s video game. – The second question is, to what extent do you seek then to exit this physical limitation and you want the Infinity of God. – And then most importantly, to what extent, do you realize, that the Infinity of God made You, in order that when You and He Unite – You Can Continuously Bring More Light 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️

Tanya Chapter 18 Our intrinsic connection to God

Chapter 18 Tanya To add an explanation in the word “it is VERY easy to do Torah and Mitzvos / in your mouth and heart to do it” We have to be clear, that even if somebody does not have a great ability to understand the greatness of God, which can create within him aContinue reading “Tanya Chapter 18 Our intrinsic connection to God”

The essence of the University degree in a subject that is not hard science – hence cannot be actually proven, is exactly what it takes to get a Doctorate, which is you have to write a book about something that you know nothing about… and then other people that know nothing about it read what you wrote… and even though they have no clue or objective standard to judge it…. they decide that now you can teach it