There are only three realities – the first is that the only reality is God, the second is that everything else is a creation for a purpose – the third is that the purpose of the human being is to find both his purpose in the greater scheme, and always be open to more growth

Just as if the programmer of a game came to and said “Listen, this is how to play this game…” and if you listen to Him, your experience will be awesome! so too, the Programmer of our reality has come to us

nothing is more important than realizing that ‘grievances” people who are busy complaining, and particularly if they’re using it as a political platform as Hitler did and as the left does… then it is nothing but a malicious excuse

what people, at least bad people don’t realize, because they’re driven by malicious intent, and like all addictions it is the desire controlling the mind that first of all, in severe cases such as Islamic terrorism, Hitler’s terrorism etc. eventually the people that are being terrorized, certainly if you’re starting up with other countries… they will eradicate you and the second thing is that even the smaller terrorists namely bullies, people that unfortunately have bad self-images and are jealous of good one’s… everybody has a statue of limitation on how much “crap” they’re willing to take

we are now past 20/20, vision we have 2021! we have 5,781 years of experience, and even if you are a little bit pseudo scientific, civilization and our artifacts of civilization, begins only 5,000 years ago… so we have 5,000 years of experience…. and all that teaches us only one thing: man is a complete moron, and God is infinite