Life, like my friend Yossi Mylinsky, a bright Jewish boy says… is like the playground – if everything is safe you don’t understand danger… that’s why the KBG and never underestimate “your enemy…” says, that Americans are “unfrightened fools” and while I wouldn’t say we’re fools…. I would say that being unfrightened makes us very foolish… this is in fact the reason historically, why all empires fail! because the people born into their safety do not understand danger…. The second group of people are those that are timid, so either they stay away from the bullies… or actually they, like the Germans to Hitler… like the liberal left to Obama, become their “willing executioners…” and then there are the people… the precious precious lucky ones… who both have been thrown into the boxing ring… but having been able to extricate themselves from the fear… and getting to a place of safety… now both have courage, kindness, as well as tenacity

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