Dear God – I know I am Made of a Body that is filled with both Fears and Lust – and When my Tiny little Pathetic Ego gets insulted, Anger or perhaps even worse Jealousy, when I believe I am Entitled to the good others have and feel bad that I Don’t… But Dear God, I know I also have a Soul! which is Literally You – It Is Infinite! It Is Beautiful!! It Is Kind!!! It Is Compassionate!!!! and Noble!!!!!! it seeks Truth!!!!!!!! and I Know That My Mission Is That My Soul Should Overpower My Body – And I know That In The Garden of Eden When Man Was Faced With This Choice, Your Power To Have One Side Win Over The Other Is Absolute – So we admit to you that we are truly powerless… and we beg you that our soul should dominate! So we can be Proud Of Ourselves! So That The World Can Be Proud Of Us!! And So That We Can Be Proud Of Our World!!!

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