We all are living in one of the five spaces – usually when there is safety so the brain doesn’t need to fear, so then the desires, whatever they may be, both the body’s desires for pleasure… and when we regurgitate that, because “constant pleasure gives no more pleasure” we then seek deeper meaning in life and then spirituality may be our thing… in addition some people innately are very compassionate… so helping people is their thing – we all have God-forbid the capacity to fall into fear which creates anxiety if it’s perpetual… which often creates depression… which also can create jealousy… for we feel that “it’s not fair that I should feel fear / anxiety / misery while you don’t…” and then the jealousy is a desire to destroy the source of my jealousy… so the mind comes up with rationalizations… as we see in bullies, in antisemites, and radicals, in order to control / abuse / create terror.. hence the word, terrorism

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