The 10 all-encompassing wisdoms: is number one, God encompasses everyone and everything – everyone and everything is part of His plan – history is his story and destiny is Divine guide – number two is the mechanism: God created souls, these are conscious emotional intelligent beings – souls are made up primarily two abilities, the ability to feel and desire, the ability to know and think – of-course these two can conflict or compliment… but isn’t that the story of life… the next is that the souls are placed in universes – universes are time space dimensions – in other words, every soul is contained in a time space body – which is in a Time space universe… has the ability to move and it has the ability to interact – the next phase of the story is semi tragic drama “I want you two souls of diametrically opposite natures to marry one another” the first is a spark of God, that is beyond what we call time and space… exists in the sublime universe Atzilus, which the knowledge that all is God pervades and since its knowledge of self as part of the one and not separate from the one is absolute…. and then like a prince taken from his father’s home, this soul is cast down millions of miles into what can only be termed “a serpents skin” a body which knows the exact opposite truth. It knows only itself and it’s reality… it knows physical needs and desires… and though it has some kind of super-rational sense that God is there… it has very little understanding of what that actually means – is driven by primarily the need for respect and a fear of shame – the need for survival…. Desire for pleasure and not pain… but I need to tell you about that because You are one of those and then the purpose of this marriage of Divine spirit and human flesh, and the purpose of tension between the beginning and the end – the spiritual purity and the physical need and desires – is that the essential you, which is your mind, which makes us unique…. there is no other Creation in this planet that has an independent mind… that can observe and think and question its very own existence…. Purpose of existence…. and when those questions begin… when the search is real… then the master appears – but here we shall not end, our journey in the discovery of the source Rather at that point, the source of our journey begins

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