The 10 things we all need to be sane and happy… is first of all we need safety – we need physical safety which necessitates a home, it necessitates financial income or somebody that provides… It necessitates a government that protects us from spiteful people that just wish to harm and rob, it necessitates also emotional security which is very difficult to come by, in a sick world run by sick people like Zuckerberg who use shame as a way to hook people into self-promotion… in other words, not only has it always been difficult for people…. because there are people jealous of others’ dignity and therefore they shame them… but in a world in which the ability to shame someone is not only public but is permanent… those who facilitate such evil will have deep accounting before God…. there is no reason to allow this!, and certainly if people can banish a President, they can banish anybody who shames…. in addition, we need to have obviously food and water… and in fact healthy food and water… for depending on how healthy that is, is how healthy we will be… in addition, healthy air…. the other things that it takes to be sane and happy is we are social-creatures we need love… nobody should underestimate the power of a father and a mother to make a child feel safe and loved – and studies show that those who even are from divorced homes… have much greater anxiety, but equally important to all of this is to have Judaism… because without a solid understanding of right and wrong… like a ferret child, there is no sense of boundaries…. hence stability… and last but not least you also have to as Maslow’s, would call it self-actualize, Realize What Is Your Highest Gift To Give

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