There is a Yiddish teaching which goes, that you never show a fool half a job… because he looks at it and he says “what kind of a wreck is this” but if you show the same thing to an engineer… he would say what kind of a genius idea is this… and the reason I write this is… because and this is very deep… a fool looks at the world as my friend Dr Friedman told me, that his father who was a rabbi said “we are like an ant walking along the Mona Lisa” and as opposed to admiring the most expensive painting around… he’s busy saying wow it’s really dark or this looks really like yellow… but when we look at life from where it was to where it is…. in five factors… first of all in human relations… which it was a dog eat dog Savage world… relatively speaking we’re infinitely better… it was a world of tremendous deprivation, most children died in childhood… and most importantly being in the Messianic dimension Both on a personal and a growth level, God is communicating which is awesome!! and last but not least… we know that we are all part of the whole

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