There are three questions in life – the first is to what extent do you think that the world, which is popping in and out of existence… which is in a wave format, until you look at it.. like in toy story… then it becomes stationary… is a permanent fixture? – or you realize that it is just God’s video game. – The second question is, to what extent do you seek then to exit this physical limitation and you want the Infinity of God. – And then most importantly, to what extent, do you realize, that the Infinity of God made You, in order that when You and He Unite – You Can Continuously Bring More Light 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️


Tanya Chapter 18 Our intrinsic connection to God

Chapter 18 Tanya

To add an explanation in the word “it is VERY easy to do Torah and Mitzvos / in your mouth and heart to do it”

We have to be clear, that even if somebody does not have a great ability to understand the greatness of God, which can create within him a love and fear of God, even on a subconscious level – nonetheless even for this person it is very easy for him to keep and do all the Mitzvos of the Torah, and especially the Mitzvah of studying Torah, which is compared to them all – both in his mouth and in his heart… literally from the depth of his heart, and with absolute truth, with love and fear of God.

This can be motivated by the hidden love which is within the heart of every Jew, which was inherited from our forefathers, who are great lovers of God, and therefore we have this within us – but we have to just explain what is the source of this love, and how is it an inheritance, and how it includes also fear of God.

The idea is, our forefathers were a Merkavah, wagon / vehicle… in other words, that they had given their will up, to just do the will of God

As such, they merited to draw down for their descendants a Nefesh, Ruach, Neshoma, from the Holy Sefiros in the four universes of Atzilus, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah.

Each person according to his category of Soul, as well as his deeds – and at least for the lowest of the low and sinners in the Jewish people, when they have a union they draw down the Malchus of Malchus of Asiyah – which is the lowest level of holiness – the Holiness of the world of Asiyah – and nevertheless because it is from the 10 Holy Sefiros, within it is also the Chochmah of Asiyah, which in it is the Chochmah of Malchus of Atzilus, which in it is Chomah of Atzilus, which in it is the Infinite Light of God – as it says, that “God created with Chochmah the Earth” and “all was created through Chochmah”.

This means that the infinite light of God is within the level of the soul of a man – no matter who he is – and the level which contains the infinite light of God spreads forth to all the levels of the Soul, giving it life, from its beginning to end (head to toe) as it says that “Chochmah gives life to her husband” (in fact, sometimes sinners of Israel, draw down very high souls that were in the depth of the Kelipa as written about in the Safer Gilgulim / “Book of Reincarnation.”

Now Chochmah is the source of wisdom and understanding and it is higher than Bina which is the understanding of an intelligence.… and Chochmah is higher than understanding and comprehension, and it is a source for it.

Chomah is called Coach Ma”h (the power of what) this means that it is what cannot be understood in the logic of the mind and therefore it has the Infinite Light of God – for no mind can understand God at all.

It is for this reason that all Jews, even women and simple people are believers in God, for belief is something that goes beyond intelligence and understanding – as it states, “a fool believes everything.”

And relative to God who is beyond human intelligence and understanding, and no thought can begin to understand him at all, everybody is like a fool compared to Him, and therefore the verse States, “I am like a fool and like an animal that doesn’t understand and therefore I am always with you.”

In other words, in this aspect that “I am like an animal…” this causes me to be with you all the time – it is for this reason that even a very simple Jew and sinner in the Jewish people, are willing to give their life for the Holiness of God and suffer severe consequences in order to not to go against Him, and even if they are very ignorant and simple people… and don’t know the greatness of God.

Furthermore the little bit that they do know, they do not contemplate… and they’re not giving their life because of their knowledge of God.

Rather this is more a matter that they simply cannot deny God – beyond any Logical reason! Because God is shining and giving life to their soul, through the level of Chochmah which is higher than any intelligence, that can be comprehended.


The essence of the University degree in a subject that is not hard science – hence cannot be actually proven, is exactly what it takes to get a Doctorate, which is you have to write a book about something that you know nothing about… and then other people that know nothing about it read what you wrote… and even though they have no clue or objective standard to judge it…. they decide that now you can teach it