One of the greatest conundrums is of-course the question of ego – it is not very well known, but it says that Abraham wrote either 400 books or a book of 400 chapters, specifically relating to dealing with the ego – which is very interesting… because we know that he sent some of his sons from keturah to the east… and we know that the mysticism of the east – is very, let’s call it obsessed, with the ego dilemma – and I myself, if I may… have spent years thinking about it – on one hand it is obviously a great problem – on the other hand a person who lacks ego, can lack confidence… and therefore and perhaps even more so, one can say… that part of the very structure of a person is the ego… as I once heard from rabbi Jacobson that the Rebbe Rashab says, it is the source of all our emotions… So the solution is found in what the Rebbe teaches us, which is quite simply, parallel to of-course Tanya, and where God-Himself speaks about the ego in a prophecy, and in summary: a person must come to the point where, who they are is actually God, or their Divine Soul – and then having pride and ego in that – is actually a very good thing…!

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