If life were a drama then it would be a story in five acts – the first would be the story of the Creator / The Director who wanted from Love to Give – Unite – The second would be the setting of the stage in which He makes a universe, a 🌎 – Gives birth to the actors within… gives them a big ego… and a decent mind – And after thousands of years… gives one people a Doctrine of civility, of compassion, of holiness, instead of barbarism, savagery, and power based… and then He sends this nation into a land, and after 1,500 years, when they fully realize that He and their doctrine is true… – sends them to the whole world0; for those Souls that seek the truth – He wishes for them to have models – and then in the final generation, before the Infinite Redemption – which is right now, He allows those who had their fill of sexual and / or narcissistic desire, to discover Him

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