I remember someone once asked me “what do you do?” so I said “I think!” SHE replied “That’s what I do too…” Well it’s only fair, as another man told me to share your thoughts… so I thought to myself… from all my thinking.. what are my conclusions! IF I had to say there are five conclusions – the first is close your mouth and breathe through your nose, so your brain gets oxygen, so you can think II is, we have a choice, in a certain sense… this is what our sages say is the Only choice – whether we will believe or we will not… – believe it’s a quote from a Rabbi Cunin who says a famous line – “there are only two types of people… Believers and non-believers” – the former have no questions… the latter have no answers : ( – and you have to ask yourself which category do you wish to be!?… the next is, if you are a Believer, you have to recognize that life is not about what God can give you… rather life is about what you can GIVE. AND that and that alone is what is Meaningful… and as the Rebbe never tired to say… this is not only physically, which is obvious… but is also spiritually, mentally, emotionally… As the verse says “there will be ten world hungers, 9 for food, and one for the word of God!” – Everything you do to feed another person’s soul, is as important… if not more important… as often it’s a life-and-death matter, with so many people feeling aimless that they are committing suicide… and you save the person both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – The fourth thing that I would say, is don’t use your head! – When you have a GPS and you try to read a map, you’re an idiot..! YOU can get direct access to God Positioning System… and Last but not least Be Happy 😊 and the way you are happy, is first and foremost as the train of thoughts follow the first thought of the day – you need to #1 think about the 10 things you are grateful for each morning – second of all, when something negative occurs try to see something positive from it – many of our minds are negatively wired and that’s like watching a bad movie which is occurring to you : ( but if you flip it around… I can say with my brain… automatically as soon as something bad happens, most of the time it will show me something positive… so the brain is like a muscle… and we have muscle memory… you remember how to ride a bike… and you train your brain… you actually create neural Pathways towards positive or negative… And finally it goes without saying that seek peace… because if you are in Conflict… you may enjoy a temporary win… and a permanent loss : ( and Last but not least, as the Rambam says, make sure you eat healthy, exercise, go to the bathroom as soon as you need to go – because in a healthy body, with a healthy Soul – You Have Infinite Joy Ahead Of You

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