Unfortunately the Democratic party which actually was the party that supported slavery – it was the Republican party that was Abraham Lincoln’s party – the party of values… so effectively the Democratic party is based on political expediency… and for them what that means is they have sold their soul… not that they ever had much… but their desire for power… to the radical left… which believe in the disillusion and disillusionment of America or at least American power and influence – the ability for Islam to dictate to the Western World its norms – support of terrorism…. as we speak now, Obama gave $120 billion to the largest state sponsor of terrorism – each time Hamas viciously sent murderous Rockets against Israel he gave them 30 to 50 million dollars respectively – the Palestinian Authority which is nothing but a Nazi dreamed terrorist movement, is receiving over a hundred million dollars… we need not mention that having removed the Army from Iraq and attacking Syria… created the largest sadistic terrorist Network called ISIS, which has now resurfaced under Biden… they hate God and religion… they love every type of deviant perverted sexual desire… it’s so sad to say this, but they are actually like the Nazis murderers, not only do they support abortion in the ninth month… but literally allowing a baby to die…. and last but not least in true radical fashion, they don’t care about the means to achieving their end

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