Every single one of us is a composite – 4 distinct souls – and each one of them, as you will soon see has a very powerful drive – and the beauty of life is if you know the secret – like the recipe – you will be able to use your soul and mind to produce the results that will make you proud and not ashamed – you see the very core of All Souls… of all existence, is the Creator who is Infinitely Loving, Compassionate, Noble, Kind, Discerning and Every other Powerful and Positive trait – and that is the essence of our soul – so we have one drive, which is our Divine soul, our essential Soul Essence, which is altruistic, idealistic – able to even sacrifice ourselves for truth and others – Then we have a mind – animals may have intelligence, but they don’t have a mind – The difference between the two is I can have a computer, but my computer doesn’t have an independent mind – it doesn’t think – it just does whatever I tell it to do! SO our independent mind independently likes to understand… The next is our heart or otherwise called animal-soul and this we share in common with the lower species – namely, that there is a fundamental biochemical drive to receive pleasure and not to receive pain – which in its extremes is very detrimental, because we could God-forbid be addicted to a pleasure sensation or anxious or phobic / neurotic about a fear (shame) sensation – now obviously Pleasure and Pain are necessary for survival – it’s a question of managing it – and last but not least, we have in the liver an ego which is a sadistic desire for power and Supremacy – as well as a tremendous anger when we feel affronted – and once again this desire of the ego is somewhat necessary for we have to stand up for ourselves, as well as what is right… on the flip side if we do believe somehow that we are superior to others, for ultimately we need to only see ourselves as we truly are, namely Divine as opposed to separate entities – for if we see ourselves as separate, than our egos seek for that separate entity to dominate- whereas if we see ourselves as we truly are, which is the Divine Essence, then all parts of ourselves can be used for its expression

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