Dear David The Physicist – When you came, you explained to us that you have a team of the top 1,000 theoretical physicists in the world, that have been researching for the past 40 years mysticism, philosophy, mathematics and physics – Amazingly you said that Chabad Chassidus is the only – if you can call it “philosophy” – or “mystical system” that matches quantum physics – Quantum physics of course is limited by the general limitation of science, which is the categorization of the mechanism as opposed to the meaning – As such, one of the fascinating things you mentioned was that each thing in the world has a thinking-pattern and the way galaxies behave, if we can call it Newtonian-physics, deterministic patterns… is similar to the way our own brain, which uses logic, as Einstein and the Baal Shem Tov say – it thinks within the time-space dimension, or within the cube or sphere… – so when you think about an object, you see it with its physical property / limitations – You mentioned how it took many years to begin to understand how the quantum particles think… – And you mentioned that it does not think in a deterministic fashion… – Of-course this is Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty which baffled scientists that there is a part of the universe that does not operate on physical principles… on Newtonian laws or mathematical possibilities – Rather it simply stems from an infinite source! and Last but not least, when we get to the depth, Jewish mysticism which teaches us, that this world is about a unification of the Infinite in the Finite – whereas though we humans are limited – but because the infinite Creator is unlimited – therefore everything and everyone vis a vis each individual – just as it has been discovered, that wherever you are in the universe is the center – similarly the entire cosmic spiritual and physical universe and it’s ever shaping experiences – are all there, so each individual soul, hence of-course collectively benefiting as well – can perpetually advance spiritually

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