One of the greatest contribution that Jewish mysticism makes, is that everyone must form a basic opinion – just as you have a basic opinion of trees, dogs, of cats – and even though it’s fair to say that every dog and cat and maybe tree is different – but the brain will associate similarities z it doesn’t like to overanalyze, and take up too much brain space – so every single human, basically if you’re living in a protected environment… you have an emotional love… and therefore illusions of, as they call it rose colored lenses – on the flip side if you are living in a tough environment, where people are nasty, then you have thorn colored lenses – so Jewish mysticism comes to teach us that while it is possible for fear to cause jealous hate – and for a person to act viciously sadistically and maliciously – nonetheless the essence of every person, which is obviouse, because of the way we were all born – is actually compassion

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