In today’s rashi he explains that the Jewish people because they were traveling backwards they lost hope – so it made me realize, that it’s so important to understand how life is actually going forward! – really the sole goal of evil – like the death eaters in Harry Potter, is to remove hope – and without hope a person has no happiness – without happiness they have no joy – without joy they have no life – for life and joy are synonymous – so we must understand how life has never been better!! let us not mention physically, which anybody who has any sense knows – let us not mention in terms of freedom, which anybody who has any sense realizes – let us mention spiritually!! for we have already entered, as the Rebbe said in 1991 “Moshiach is here!!” and what that means is, that the essence of Moshiach, is the essence of God, which being unlimited, is now in this dimension – which allows even very very small people – for the essence has no limitation… – not only to connect to God, but to infinitely grow

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