If you would like to use the same trick that God uses to rectify souls – to take them from the morass, the repugnant reprehensible desires that they have amassed in this lifetime – in order for them to be like princes and princesses, to drink from the pristine Waters of Heaven, this is called The Washing Machine of hell -and the way it works is that whatever is the stimuli, whatever is the pleasure… the person is then given a corresponding pain… so if you wish to use the same technique to get yourself out of negative statements and habits ‘ all you need to do is ask yourself – which stimuli do I wish to repeat, and perhaps give yourself a nice pinch… and each time… basically until you can ask yourself that question and you don’t wish to repeat it – conversely you can ask yourself “which stimuli do I not wish to repeat” and do the same process… because if you see that the stimuli is bad for you, you can transform your desire – by the… if you want to call it – cognitive behavioral shock

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