137. The Baal Shem Tov taught: From the great humility in a person, a person doesn’t fulfil their service of G-d… they don’t realize how the entire heavenly realm… all the angels etc. above, all receive their nourishment from your Torah and Prayers (for this causes the light of heaven!) –

If a person truly believed this, he would constantly serve G-d with great joy and trepidation – and he would be careful in every letter and movement to do and say them with great fervor (or properly.) 

One should also pay heed to what King Solomon teaches, that every word of prayer and Torah, G-d kisses and longs for that word…  If one truly integrates this belief… who would not tremble that the Great and Mighty King Awaits Your Words. 

A person should pay heed and realize, that he is like a ladder with his feet on the ground, and his head in the heavens. 

And everything he does and says makes a powerful impact in heaven.   Then certainly one will be careful that all they do will be Lisheim Shamayim (altruistically for G-d.) But if a person feels, “who am I to affect anything above or below??…”  So one goes willy-nilly after their foolish whims – but the truth is, that a person through his actions is completely attached to G-d, as it states “Imitate G-d.” And through you having compassion below, you cause compassion in all the heavenly realms.

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