Tis always helpful to summarize / categorize – if you are a chef and don’t know what’s in the containers – spices

We all have generally five possibilities:

Ego – this is our perception  of ourself – good, bad, ugly… – healthiest, when we simply don’t care… (not a negative self-image, but we realize we have a mission from God, much like a soldier… (…the more self obsessed… the worse…)

Heart – emotions – instincts – this mainly is our desire for instinctual pleasure (those things that make us feel good… ) vs. instinctual pain (those things to us hurt – this includes a sense of pride / shame  – loss)

The next is what makes us human (for animals also have an ego and instincts…) and that is our ability to independently analyze

The next is our conscience (right vs. wrong, truth versus falsehood, kindness versus cruelty, caring vs obnoxious etc.)

And highest is the Divine soul – a literal part of God, which is in a constant Yin / Ratzu (yearning to return back to God, hence we seek transcendence) and yang, an understanding, We Must Fulfil The Will Of God, Through Practical Application of Torah, Mitzvos, Goodness and Kindness.

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