Have you ever seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa – really quite remarkable to see an eight-story building leaning over – now the reason for this of course is that is the foundation upon which all the stories / premises it lies on, itself is a lie or off-kilter – and fundamentally speaking there are five major opinions – the most dominant is Christianity and Islam and ultimately the notion is based on a premise which is man is born in sin – and has to be rectified – which with all due respect has nothing to do with reality – and the second is the notion perhaps Hinduism which is basically idolatry, and the idea is that in order to receive from a god you have to serve him – which again with all due respect have no basis in reality – the Third is Buddhism which is that basically if you meditate your life away and have no desires, so you have no losses -so therefore you are enlightened – but with all due respect it’s not based in reality for you have not achieved anything meaningful – and then there is the modern secular ideas which have reached a complete points of insanity – and finally there is the essence of Truth which is that it’s not a question if you’re born sinful, which means it’s about achieving some kind of perfect state – or achieving more for yourself, which is usually based on some kind of Shame and therefore need to feel less of Shame through being able to boast – or to get rid of anxiety through some kind of technique, though of course it’s nice to not have anxiety – or to Simply follow the latest cultural Trend to the abyss, as it always has led groups that do so… – rather life is here because the Father of Life, the Heavenly Father – Loves Each and Every One of His Beautiful Children 😍

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