Tis always helpful to summarize / categorize – if you are a chef and don’t know what’s in the containers – spices

We all have generally five possibilities:

Ego – this is our perception  of ourself – good, bad, ugly… – healthiest, when we simply don’t care… (not a negative self-image, but we realize we have a mission from God, much like a soldier… (…the more self obsessed… the worse…)

Heart – emotions – instincts – this mainly is our desire for instinctual pleasure (those things that make us feel good… ) vs. instinctual pain (those things to us hurt – this includes a sense of pride / shame  – loss)

The next is what makes us human (for animals also have an ego and instincts…) and that is our ability to independently analyze

The next is our conscience (right vs. wrong, truth versus falsehood, kindness versus cruelty, caring vs obnoxious etc.)

And highest is the Divine soul – a literal part of God, which is in a constant Yin / Ratzu (yearning to return back to God, hence we seek transcendence) and yang, an understanding, We Must Fulfil The Will Of God, Through Practical Application of Torah, Mitzvos, Goodness and Kindness.


Have you ever seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa – really quite remarkable to see an eight-story building leaning over – now the reason for this of course is that is the foundation upon which all the stories / premises it lies on, itself is a lie or off-kilter – and fundamentally speaking there are five major opinions – the most dominant is Christianity and Islam and ultimately the notion is based on a premise which is man is born in sin – and has to be rectified – which with all due respect has nothing to do with reality – and the second is the notion perhaps Hinduism which is basically idolatry, and the idea is that in order to receive from a god you have to serve him – which again with all due respect have no basis in reality – the Third is Buddhism which is that basically if you meditate your life away and have no desires, so you have no losses -so therefore you are enlightened – but with all due respect it’s not based in reality for you have not achieved anything meaningful – and then there is the modern secular ideas which have reached a complete points of insanity – and finally there is the essence of Truth which is that it’s not a question if you’re born sinful, which means it’s about achieving some kind of perfect state – or achieving more for yourself, which is usually based on some kind of Shame and therefore need to feel less of Shame through being able to boast – or to get rid of anxiety through some kind of technique, though of course it’s nice to not have anxiety – or to Simply follow the latest cultural Trend to the abyss, as it always has led groups that do so… – rather life is here because the Father of Life, the Heavenly Father – Loves Each and Every One of His Beautiful Children 😍