Our Universe has millions and billions and trillions of different species, and different souls – whether the many 🐕 – how many 🌳 – the many humans – within your own body – there are not only 30 trillion cells!! – perhaps with their own Consciousness! – but 30 trillion bacteria! – be that as it may, the soul of each living force is what is called Animal-Soul- a strong ego, and emotionally desirous of its life – and that which it perceives as a benefit to itself – most often that which instinctively will feel pleasurable as opposed to painful – but the ultimate goal of course, of being a human – and What Makes Us Unique, is that we also have an independent Mind z And if we are determined, our mind should and must control our Behavior – but what makes us super-special is because we can also be spiritual, we can go beyond our mind’

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