Einstein’s entire quest in science as he said was to discover the mind of God – something That he did not do – but he did say that he is sure when we do – “it will be both simple and beautiful” – as he saw both incredible synchronicity & mathematical beauty, as any great scientist sees, within nature – and of course lacking the knowledge of Jewish mysticism – that, reality was God’s reaction, for-seeing us, He fell in love… – and when you’re in love – you give everything! – That everything is not only the beauty in the natural world that we live in – it is also contains the mutual benefit of both Independence – if you wish to call the ego drive – together with the corresponding emotion – which is dependence- and this interdependence – whatever it is, between man and man – man and woman – in other words, between between society and it’s unique roles- and a family.. the beauty of love and unity – ultimately the ultimate Union and love which is between the Infinite Father and each one of his responsible, beautiful, caring, truth-seeking children

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