The succinct summary point-by-point guide to all the things that matter

We live in a time of information overload.

I thought it would be super-helpful – as I’ve spent decades, studying Jewish mysticism, and many different fields – to give in, each thing we encounter, the most important piece of advice:

1. The Reason

The reason for living is Because You Have Been Chosen For A Divine Mission.

2. The Mission

The mission in life generally boils down to Increasing In The Realm of Goodness and Kindness Continuously.

3. Marriage

Marriage is the unity of two different people / opinions – so if you seek to have a unified marriage – you must be mature enough to have a marriage, based on Give and Take, Which Means Happily Meeting Each Other Half Way.

4. Money

When it comes to making money – your best bet, is to not only have the Drive, and of-course do so Ethically – for only that which is done honestly will be blessed… – but Ask Your Friends In Business – so you get an objective, more importantly, as this is a Divine Mechanism, Therefore, Divine, Advice.

5. Health

Eat healthy foods, most importantly reduce intake of sugar, meat, processed foods – and increase intake of natural fiber.

6. Happiness

The more you give, the better you feel about yourself.

7. Serenity

You need to both believe that everything is caused by God – as well as subjugate yourself to the Commandments of God – just like a child that knows they are in bounds, feels safe.

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