The five most important factors to life – is # 1 FAITH- a person with faith doesn’t fear – a person with fear is stressed, the person whose stressed is miserable, the person who is miserable can be depressed, angry, jealous, malicious # 2. RELATIONSHIPS – relationships have been shown to be more important than every other factor in terms of well-being # 3 HUMILITY- humility is necessary for relationships, and for being able to think objectively – and to be humble, you have to realize you’re not better than a worm, just luckier. # 4. the BIBLICAL, frankly Jewish religion, which includes the seven noahide laws – because only within its structure are you normal and stable – and four thousand years of human history proves this # 5 To be both KIND & STRONG – and the most important person you must be strong with, is yourself – do not indulge, and allow your instincts like a dog driving its owner

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